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Shocking Photos Show Burned Homes Due to Napa Fire

Too often, audio description of massive devastation is not enough for us to fully grasp the gravity of what has taken place. At times, photography is the only medium of communication that can truly "speak" of the hardship that people face in the wake of catastrophic events. Humanity should give pause to truly comprehend the damage that was caused by the Napa fires in Northern California, and we believe that the only way to do so is to see the scorched land for yourself.

These photos show the amount of damage that one spark can do to acres of land and property. We post these photos so that others may know of the dangers of fire, and to help visualize the destruction that one match could do to thousands of homes.

We at Arnold & Itkin LLP cannot claim to know all of the deep heartache and suffering that these fires have caused, but we do understand the suffering that communities will face in trying to receive just compensation from their insurance companies. After everything in one's life has turned to ash, fighting over an insurance claim can seem like the last thing you would want concentrate on, but an insurance claim can be the beginning of a new life. Arnold & Itkin is here to make an impractical pursuit a practically painless journey.

If you are worried that your insurance claim is:

  • Taking too long to be paid out
  • Being paid out for less than expected
  • Impossible to file
  • Confusing to understand

…then Arnold & Itkin is here for you.

Our fire insurance claims attorneys want to go the extra mile to look into your case, starting with a free consultation. We hope to help you recover the catastrophic losses your property has suffered. Call (888) 493-1629 to see how we can help.