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Case Filed For Man Assaulted While Leaving Condo

Arnold & Itkin recently filed a case on behalf of a man who was assaulted while he was leaving a condominium. The violent assault our client experienced caused serious injuries that will impact him for the rest of his life. As a result, he has suffered physically while also dealing with the hardships of medical bills.

When multiple people have access to the same property, security is a crucial part of providing safety for residents and occupants. No one deserves to be harmed because of a lack of proper security measures. More importantly, personal injury cases aren’t just for accidents—they're to keep accountable those who willfully neglect the safety of others and cause deliberate and serious harm. Those who attacked our client must be held responsible for the severe and long-lasting damage they caused.

The lawyers at Arnold & Itkin look forward to helping our client obtain justice and begin the process of healing.

The case was filed in Suffolk County, Massachusetts.