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Fifth Plaintiff Added to San Marcos Apartment Fire Case

Earlier this month, we reported that our San Marcos apartment fire attorneys added four more plaintiffs to our case. The case was initially filed on behalf of a 23-year-old victim who died in the fire. Last week, Arnold & Itkin added one more plaintiff to the case. Additionally, the suit was changed to include another defendant.

The new plaintiff is another survivor of the accident. Our newest client seeks to hold the apartment complex accountable for failing to install a working fire alarm system and fire suppressant system. Her life was put in danger when the fire started and no alarm system sounded. This resulted in five people losing their lives, including one of our clients. Other survivors have noted that they barely had enough time to escape; at least two of them injured themselves when they were forced to leap from a second-story window. They were alerted by chance after being awoken by the commotion outside. Other plaintiffs in the case sustained injuries while fleeing the apartments, while another did not have enough time to put on shoes.

The defendant added to the lawsuit is another manager of the apartment complex. Previously, the case named just one manager as a defendant, along with the property management company and the building owner.

Premises Liability Saves Lives

It is the responsibility of property owners and managers to protect the lives of their guests, customers, and occupants. This basic legal concept is known as premises liability. In the setting of an apartment complex, it only makes sense that the owners and managers of the building would seek to protect the well-being of those who were paying rent to live there.

Owners and managers of the Iconic Village Apartments neglected to protect the occupants of their building and failed their moral obligation to prevent or mitigate a disaster. This incident took the lives of 5 young people and endangered many more. Our firm looks forward to holding those responsible for this tragedy accountable.

If you were hurt or put in danger by the San Marcos apartment fire, contact us today. Even those who were just visiting may still be able to make a claim. Speak with us for free today at (888) 493-1629.