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Everyday Tools Cause the Most Accidents in Industrial Workplaces

When people hear the term “industrial accident,” their minds typically turn to thoughts of catastrophic fires, explosions, and machine failure. However, industrial accidents do not have to make headline news to be severe. More often than not, an industrial injury will be caused by something as simple as a ladder or a hammer.

Common Workplace Accidents

OSHA reports on accidents every year, and the mishaps that consistently top the charts are typically caused by the simplest of tools.

The top three workplace accidents include:

  • Overexertion and bodily reaction
  • Falls, slips, and trips
  • Contact with objects or equipment

While catastrophic incidents can cause these accidents, they are likely caused by everyday workers being careless with a simple tool.

Why Simple Tools Cause Common Accidents

Simple, everyday tools are one of the leading causes of industrial accidents.

Here are a couple of reasons why everyday tools cause so many injuries:

  • They are regularly used, increasing the likelihood of injury.
  • After years of handling these tools, workers think less about their safety risks.
  • Safety talks do not cover simple tool usage.

To summarize why everyday tools are so dangerous: work environments don’t take them seriously.

Ladders Are Simple & Dangerous Tools

Ladders are perfect examples of everyday tools that workers do not take seriously.

There are various reasons why ladders are one of the most dangerous tools in the workplace:

  • Supervisors ask workers to perform repairs on ladders rather than taking the time to set up an industry-standard pulley system.

  • Ladders are positioned near walkways or other passages where workers travel, which is an OSHA violation due to the proclivity of nearby workers to walk underneath the ladder.

  • Ladders are decades old because replacing something as insignificant as a ladder is seen as a waste of money.

  • Workers are told to carry items up and down ladders, which is a dangerous shortcut to hauling work materials with tied-off ropes.

Ladders are used every day, but they are commonly utilized improperly and without safety standards in mind. Ladders are just one of the simple tools that can cause slips and falls, contact injuries, and overexertion due to misuse. Hopefully, workers will begin to think through how they are using ladders and other simple tools in order to decrease workplace accidents.

Victims of Serious Workplace Accidents Deserve Justice

Many workers believe they do not have the right to pursue a personal injury claim because a simple tool caused their accident. However, industrial workers must realize that no matter what caused their incident, under the right circumstances, their accident may still qualify for a personal injury claim. This is why injured workers should always talk to experienced legal counsel.

If you are wondering if you have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim, call (888) 493-1629 for a free consultation.