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Trump’s EPA Wants to Reverse Ban on Old Trucks with New Kits

On New Year’s Day, regulations from the Obama administration were enacted on American trucking businesses. The regulation was created by President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency so the trucking business would make a smaller carbon footprint.

Gliders & New Trucking Regulations

To achieve the goal of lower gas emissions, the EPA of yesteryear decided to target “gliders.” Gliders are trucks that drive with old engines while using new cabs, frames, and transmissions. In other words, gliders are “Frankenstein trucks.” Before the turn of the New Year, gliders were utilized by many truck companies to save on money, gas, and taxes. Gliders can be bought for lower costs than new trucks, which means that gilders were heavily relied upon for independent and smaller trucking operations.

However, once the clock struck 12 for 2017, gliders were no longer allowed to be mass produced by glider makers. The Obama regulation states that if a glider maker sells more than 300 glider trucks in a year, then every glider sold after the 300 mark must have engines that operate within the current regulatory emission allowance for the year. In effect, glider makers must sell gliders that comply with current engine emission laws. This is good news for the environment, but the Trump administration wants to revert the rule.

The Purpose of Reversion

The EPA of the Trump administration wants to change the rule back to how it previously was. The current administration has claimed that the past administration acted too hastily and with too much authority. The existing EPA believes that the regulation was too heavy-handed, and a complete reversion is necessary to make things right.

Small independent companies are looking forward to the law’s repeal, as current engine models are expensive to purchase, maintain, and run. Gliders cost less to purchase, cost less to run, and cost less to repair. Therefore, many small companies are acting as if repeal is necessary to continue staying in the trucking business.

The Safety of Gliders Is in Question

As the current EPA, new truck manufactures, glider manufacturers, and trucking companies debate and argue over the use of gliders, citizens wonder if banning older truck engines from driving on roads is a good idea. Gliders’ engines are mostly salvaged from old trucks that were involved in highway or freeway accidents. If a truck engine was in an accident, shouldn’t that engine have to go through extreme testing if it is ever going to be put on the road again?

However, glider makers are not necessarily forced to make sure that the engines in their gliders are up to date without Obama’s EPA ruling. While the ruling protects the environment, an argument can also be made that the ruling protects other drivers on the road. If an engine is not up-to-code, why should it ever be allowed on the street? This is the question that many folks are asking, but it seems that the debate only revolves around money and politics.

This is seen in the independent trucking companies’ desire to continue using gliders. While they will save money at the front end of their truck purchase, they claim they will also save money on repair jobs. There is nothing wrong with repairs, and many cars drive around with repairs all the time; however, other cars are not traveling 14 hours a day, 5 days a week, at 80,000 pounds. If independent truck companies are wanting to use the roads, citizens should be skeptical of those trucks’ safety when the company is buying gliders and performing “in-house repairs.” If a company is unwilling to buy a new truck, should they really be trusted to pay the money for quality repair?

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