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Lawsuit Filed for Man Injured While Working on Hangar Roof

Arnold & Itkin LLP filed suit in Wichita County on behalf of a man seriously injured at a private airfield. He was told to work on one of the airplane hanger roofs, but wasn’t told that the roof had hidden hazards. Companies have a duty to make sure their workplaces are safe, especially when the job being asked of workers is risky and life-threatening. By failing to prepare our client for dangerous rooftop work, his employer put him at risk—risk that resulted in serious injuries.

Serious injuries have life-altering consequences—for many people, these injuries leave them with permanent disabilities that render them unable to work. Other injuries might allow them to find a job but would require them to take home a smaller paycheck. The worst injuries force families to bear the burden of around-the-clock care, which can set back even the most well-off middle-class household.

We look forward to holding the company accountable for its failure. More importantly, we look forward to helping our client get access to much-needed medical care without going into severe debt.