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Tulsa Gas Explosion Injures Firefighter & Four Others

Around 1:30 PM yesterday, a tractor struck a gas line in Oklahoma, triggering an explosion and a fire. Five people were critically injured—1 firefighter with the Tulsa Fire Department, 3 employees of Oklahoma Natural Gas, and a bystander. They were all taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. As of early this morning, no one has publicly clarified on the extent of their injuries (or of the identities of those who were injured). No details were given regarding how or why the tractor created such a grievous rupture in the gas line.

As for the fire, it was put out within 3 hours of the initial rupture. The gas line remained shut off as well. Officials wanted to let residents know that the fire and explosion did not threaten any local homes. Our hearts go out to the five people injured in the Tulsa gas explosion. We hope the investigation yields definitive answers about how to prevent this from happening again.