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Case Filed on Behalf of a Worker Injured in a Car Accident

Our firm has filed a case on behalf of a man who was injured in a car accident while working. Arnold & Itkin’s client was working in West Texas when another company’s employee ran into him. As a result of the accident, our client sustained a traumatic brain injury, broken ribs, and pinched spinal nerves that prevent him from doing just about everything he could before.

The injuries caused by the accident fundamentally changed our client’s life, keeping him from being a reliable provider. Catastrophic injuries, or injuries that change people's lives for the rest of their lives, cost millions in medical expenses. When negligent companies cause catastrophic harm, they should be held liable for the medical expenses, lost wages, and financial needs of their victims.

Our car accident attorneys filed suit in Nueces County to demand that the company responsible for our client’s loss pay the full value of putting his promising life back together.