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Case Filed for Man Killed by Inattentive Driver

Arnold & Itkin LLP Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Alison Baimbridge, and Roland Christensen have filed suit for a Texas man who lost his life in a crash with an inattentive driver. Arnold & Itkin’s client was driving along a Texas roadway when suddenly and unexpectedly, another driver turned in front of him without any regard for the safety of others and caused the crash. Due to the inattention and disregard of the law by the driver, our client lost his life.

When someone dies, the grief they leave behind has real and concrete effects. In many cases, the grief from the death of a parent or spouse has lasting effects on a person's ability to function, and the loss of their income can subject families to financial uncertainty. Loss of a parent or loss of companionship are life-altering losses recognized by courts nationwide. When all of these things occur, the at-fault entities must take responsibility for the damage they cause. Our firm looks forward to getting justice for our client.

The suit was filed in Harris County, Texas.