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What If Another Company Caused My Industrial Accident?

Sometimes a person’s employer is not the direct cause of an accident. Employers are supposed to mitigate hazards that trigger worker injuries:┬áhazardous work environments, overworking employees, and improper equipment maintenance are common issues that employers are responsible for. However, in some instances, employees suffer injuries caused by circumstances out of the control of an employer. In these cases, injured employees can file third-party claims to recover damages from companies other than their employers.

A third-party claim is typically made by an employee who suffered an injury from defective equipment. While employers are responsible for equipment maintenance, they are not responsible for the failure of equipment with a design flaw. An employee has the option to file third-party claims against contractors or other non-employees at the job site who might have caused their injuries.

Grounds for third-party claims include:

  • Faulty rented equipment
  • Poorly-designed equipment
  • Contractor negligence
  • Third-party vehicle accidents

Why Do Third-Party Claims Matter?

Third-party claims are important because they help employees recover from injuries that may not be adequately covered by workers’ compensation. In some cases, fault for an employee’s injuries may be assigned to their employer and to a third party. In these instances, each at-fault party will receive a percentage of fault for an accident.

If a third party was involved with the accident that caused your injuries, you need the help of an attorney who can navigate the complexities of your case. Arnold & Itkin’s industrial accident attorneys have won billions for injured workers across the nation. Our results speak for themselves. In 2014, the dust collection system at a Corrigan plywood factory failed, causing a massive explosion. Arnold & Itkin was able to prove that the company that produced the dust collection system and another company that provided the plant’s fire safety system were responsible for our client's injuries. Our attorneys are proud to have won $39.7 million for a worker who suffered severe burns in the explosion.

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