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Are Hit & Run Accidents Increasing?

Last May, we wrote about the distressing increase in deadly pedestrian accidents. A recent report revealed that pedestrians are dying in car accidents at the highest rate in 30 years. When combined with the findings of another recent report, this spike in pedestrian accidents becomes even more concerning. This report has found that deadly hit-and-run accidents are happening at unprecedented rates—and pedestrians are paying the highest cost.

Details About the Hit & Run Report

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a non-profit organization formed in 1947, recently compiled a hit-and-run report. The AAA foundation states that its mission is to save lives by preventing traffic crashes and reducing injuries.

The report noted the following:

  • An average of 682,000 hit and run accidents happened each year since 2006
  • Most people involved with accidents were pedestrians or cyclists (65 percent)
  • Hit and run accidents have seen yearly growth of 7.2 percent since 2009

“Hit-and-run crashes in the United States are trending in the wrong direction,” said Dr. David Yang, an executive director for the AAA Foundation. “Our analysis shows that hit-and-run crashes are a growing traffic safety challenge, and the AAA Foundation would like to work with all stakeholders to help curtail this problem.”

What Drivers Can Do to Protect Pedestrians

Pedestrian safety is a concern for the attorneys at Arnold & Itkin. Just last month, we reported that pedestrian deaths reached a 30-year high nationwide. While pedestrians can be unpredictable, it is still a driver’s responsibility to avoid accidents by remaining vigilant. 

Drivers can do the following to remain safe:

  • Drive with caution
  • Always yield to pedestrians, even if they aren’t using a crosswalk
  • Never trust that a pedestrian will stay out of your vehicle’s path
  • Be patient and remember to provide space between your vehicle and slower pedestrians or cyclists

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