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Case Filed for Woman Injured Because of a Red Light Runner

Arnold & Itkin is currently representing a woman who was seriously injured when a truck driver ran a red light and slammed into her vehicle. Because of the accident, our client’s car collided with a fire hydrant. The force of the crash was significant enough to total our client’s vehicle, and she suffered injuries to her back, neck, and other parts of her body.

The defendant received a citation for his negligent driving which led to the accident. Not only did the driver have a responsibility to prevent an accident, but his employer also failed to provide him with the training needed to operate their vehicle safely. Our client paid for the negligent behavior of both parties with her health, and she should not be expected to pay for costs associated with an accident she didn’t cause. Arnold & Itkin’s car accident attorneys are eager to obtain justice for our client and help her receive the compensation she needs for recovery. Our attorneys filed the lawsuit in Harris County, Texas.