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Case Filed on Behalf of a Woman Injured by a Crane

Arnold & Itkin recently filed a case on behalf of a worker who was hurt due to the negligence of a crane operator. As she was performing her work at an industrial plant, she was struck by the boom of the crane. She was then thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious. Our client suffered serious injuries to her head, back, and chest. These injuries will require extensive medical treatments and will have lasting repercussions.

It is every crane operator’s responsibility to ensure their cranes are secure and are operated by highly trained workers. Unfortunately, in this case, the crane operator failed to secure the crane and harmed our client. Texas leads the nation in deadly crane accidents with four times as many deaths than any other state in the last four years. OSHA created an enforcement initiative in Texas to prevent crane accidents from occurring, but unfortunately some employers continue getting away with crane violations. The crane accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin look forward to representing our client to give her the justice she deserves. This case was filed in Harris County, Texas.