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Dallas Crane Accident Leaves 6 Injured & 1 Dead

On Sunday, June 9, at approximately 2:18 p.m., a crane collapsed in Dallas, TX, affecting an inhabited apartment complex in downtown Dallas. According to the Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans, most of the damage occurred on the eastern side and parking garage of the Elan City Lights building.

Dallas firefighters have live-find rescue dogs on scene who are searching for the missing and injured. Evans states that six individuals were injured with serious wounds and are in critical condition.

Several witnesses were at the scene to see the crane begin rocking back and forth before falling.

"It just sliced through the building…like a hot knife through butter,” recalled one woman living on the opposite end of the building. “It went from the fifth floor to, from what I can tell, the third floor.”

The crane also caused major damage to the building’s parking garage.

"We just saw cars everywhere. I don't even know how to describe it. There were cars that were vertical, there was cars from maybe the eighth floor all the way down into the third floor where we park.”

Severe Weather Affects Dallas-Fort Worth Area

According to some of those witnesses, the day had started as pleasant and sunny but had quickly turned dark and stormy, eventually leading to a tornado warning being issued at 11:25 a.m.

Per CNN meteorologist Gene Norman, the Dallas-Fort Worth tornado weather includes threats such as damaging winds with wind gusts of up to 75 mph. It is from the same system that caused flash floods and storms in the Oklahoma City in the morning and then crossed into Dallas around 1 p.m.

The crane collapse occurred roughly an hour later.

At Arnold & Itkin, our hearts go out to those who were affected by this tragedy. We will continue to follow the story and publish more details as they become available.