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Case Filed for Man with Chronic Pain After Commercial Vehicle Accident

Arnold & Itkin is currently representing a man who sustained serious injuries after a commercial vehicle swerved into his lane and crashed into his vehicle. The vehicle that hit him is based in Sugar Hill, Georgia and the incident occurred in San Antonio, Texas. Because of the incident, our client now suffers from chronic pain that has negatively altered his quality of life and inhibited his ability to work.   

All drivers have a responsibility to prioritize safety. When a person makes a living driving, they are accountable for making sure that they are performing the duties of their job without placing others in danger. This driver failed to drive and work safely, and our client is now suffering the steepest consequences because of their reckless behavior. 

Our commercial vehicle accident attorneys have a history of finding answers and obtaining justice for our clients. Our team will fight to make sure that this man receives the answers and compensation that he deserves for his suffering.  

Our attorneys filed this case in Bexar County, Texas.