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Case Filed for Woman Injured by Frito-Lay Driver

Arnold & Itkin Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Joseph McGowin, and Roland Christensen are currently fighting on behalf of a woman who was seriously injured by a Frito-Lay, Inc. driver. Our client’s injuries occurred because the company’s worker ran a red light, causing a collision. Because of the accident, the woman sustained severe injuries that have required surgical procedures and resulted in permanent disability.

Companies have a responsibility to provide the training their employees need to drive safely. They also must ensure that they’re hiring individuals who will always respect the laws of the road. Even the smallest lapse in safety can cause accidents that change lives forever, just as seen here.

Arnold & Itkin’s motor vehicle accident lawyers are prepared to fight for the compensation of this woman’s medical bills, future care needs, living expenses, and any other losses she’s suffered because of this reckless accident. Our team filed this case in Harris County, Texas.