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Houston Building Collapse: How to Recover in the Aftermath

One of the most devastating types of construction accidents happens when a building collapses. These incidents are dangerous because they happen quickly and often place dozens of workers in danger at once. After the dust settles, it's almost inevitable that multiple workers will be found severely injured or killed.

The Marathon Oil Building Collapse in Houston

During the first week of October, a deadly building collapse occurred at the new Marathon Oil headquarters' construction site in Houston, Texas. The incident took the lives of three workers and injured one more. Officials believe that a flight of concrete stairs failed at the top levels of the building. As they fell, their weight triggered a domino effect, sending tons of rubble to the first floor and on top of fleeing workers.

It took rescuers days to recover the bodies of the victims of the Houston building collapse.

The accident's nature made the interior of the building unstable, and crews had to use cranes to remove loose slabs of concrete to stabilize the structure enough to recover the bodies. Prior to its collapse, the building had regularly passed inspections from city officials—including just hours before the collapse occurred.

Recovering with a Building Collapse Lawsuit

In nearly all cases, building collapses have something in common: they should never have happened. Construction projects have multiple companies working together, making it crucial that every party does their job safely. When one or multiple parties cause a collapse, they should be held accountable for their negligence.

Catastrophic injuries and the wrongful death of loved ones create unexpected expenses that place a burden that no one should have to deal with after an accident. Often, the only way to recover from these damages is through litigation. While thinking about a lawsuit might seem like the last thing an injured person or grieving family would want to do quickly, filing is essential for two reasons. First, it provides justice by holding negligent parties accountable for failing to prevent the collapse. Second, it means the affected parties can receive the necessary compensation so they can instead focus on healing or grieving without further financial stress.

Finding the Right Houston Building Collapse Lawyers

Finding the right construction accident law firm to handle your case is important because a building collapse often involves multiple liable parties. Contractors, subcontractors, architecture firms, building owners, and project managers work together might be held liable for all of the collapse or just part of it.

For example, some of the companies believed to be involved with the Marathon Oil building collapse include:

  • East Texas Precast
  • Kendall/Heaton Associates
  • Marathon Oil
  • Hines
  • SMBC Leasing and Finance Inc.

Even if a company is involved with this project and has no liability, they may have critical documents that could provide key insights into the collapse's root cause. A good law firm will work to obtain these documents, determine liability, and fight to hold negligent parties accountable for the suffering they could have prevented.

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