Unseaworthiness The Jones Act: Protections for Offshore Workers

Claims of Unseaworthiness

The Jones Act includes several clauses that protect offshore workers from the various types of negligence that can cause serious accident on vessels. For example, a claim of unseaworthiness can be filed under the Jones Act when a ship owner has failed to fulfill their legal obligation to provide a seaworthy ship or vessel. A vessel owner is not allowed to shift this obligation to anyone else, and the vessel must be deemed reasonably safe for the type of endeavor is it embarking on.

"Unseaworthiness" Defined

If you believe that an unseaworthy ship caused your offshore accident, it is wise to consult a personal injury attorney on how to proceed. Claims of unseaworthiness usually require a detailed analysis of the conditions aboard a vessel, and you need legal protection during every step of the claims process. The professional team at Arnold & Itkin LLP will work hard to alleviate your suffering with the maximum amount of compensation available. We have invaluable experience handling Jones Act claims and claims of unseaworthiness for all types of offshore workers, and we can help you as well. With the complex build of offshore vessels, there are many factors that contribute to a ship's seaworthy condition. These factors may include:

  • An inadequate number of crewmembers or workers
  • Untrained crew or captain
  • Lack of appropriate safety guards or rails
  • Lack of fire extinguishers and mandatory fire suppression equipment
  • Untrained or incompetent crew or captain
  • Lack of sufficient food or unsafe living areas
  • Improperly stowed cargo
  • Lack of proper elevators or hoists

These factors and others may help support your claim of unseaworthiness against a vessel owner. Maritime employers are never involved in this type of claim, except for cases in which they happen to also be the vessel owner. If you are considering filing this type of claim, it is important to know that claims of unseaworthiness do not cover a seaman's own negligence or irresponsibility.

Contact a maritime injury attorney today!

The lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP have dedicated their professional careers to helping injured victims. We firmly believe in holding vessel owners accountable when their actions cause harm to offshore workers and seamen, especially in cases that result in fatalities. If you are seeking to file a claim of unseaworthiness, you need our dedication and experience to battle the owner of your vessel. By providing you with strong legal reasoning, an offshore injury attorney from our firm is giving you the tools you need to succeed with your injury claim.

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