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Have You Been Involved in an Oil Drilling Accident?

Oil drilling is one of the biggest industries in Texas. This sector of our state's economy employs both inshore and offshore workers for crude petroleum exploration, drilling, and completion of wells as well as the operation of a variety of equipment that is used to prepare oil up to the point of shipment to a refinery. Unfortunately, this industry is also one of the most dangerous in Texas. Blowouts occur on offshore drilling rigs and land-based oil wells, leading to serious and often fatal burns. Injuries and deaths can also result from defective or poorly maintained equipment, machinery and pipelines. Drilling industry workers also face the risk of falls from great heights, such as from derricks.

Drilling for Offshore Oil Is One of the Most Dangerous Jobs

At any moment, a variety of things can go wrong. Workers are expected to do their jobs for 12 hours a day for up to 2 weeks. Not only is this exhausting, but the job comes with other inherent dangers. Seamen handle combustible materials with cranes swinging overhead. Heavy equipment is everywhere. Even though employers are obligated to make work conditions as safe as possible, navigating the deck can easily turn from dangerous to disastrous.

Hard hats and steel-toed boots are mandatory—and for good reason.

In 2008, 21 maritime workers were killed associated with the oil drilling industry. Serious oil rig accidents are not necessarily common, but when they do occur they kill quickly and can easily become catastrophic. Although large disasters are usually averted, smaller accidents can be equally devastating on a personal level. Maritime workers are at a high risk of spinal cord injuries, slip and falls, traumatic brain injuries, and a variety of other accidents. The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined oil companies millions of dollars because of unsafe working conditions in the business and many people remain concerned about the dangers of working on an oil rig.

Common Oil Drilling Accidents & Injuries

Among the types of workplace accidents that can occur on offshore drilling rigs and land-based wells are:

  • Sparks from equipment igniting flammable liquids and triggering explosions
  • Well blowouts, explosions, and fires in production tanks
  • Being struck by swinging pipes, casing, or cables
  • Getting crushed by loads of cargo or heavy equipment
  • Hands or feet getting caught in machinery
  • Equipment failing because of improper maintenance
  • Falls from derricks, unsecured ladders, platforms, hoists, slippery stairways, and unguarded heights

Have You Been Injured in an Offshore Oil Rig Accident? We Can Help!

At Arnold & Itkin LLP, we are devoted to helping victims of oil rig accidents get the financial compensation they may deserve. If you have suffered a burn injury, skull fracture, or amputation/limb loss injury and you believe the accident was caused by another person's carelessness or negligence, we want to help you understand your rights. Have you suffered any kind of serious injury while working on an oil rig?

Let us give you the aggressive representation you need and talk to a personal injury attorney from Houston - you may be entitled to money.

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