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Boating Accidents

Most people realize that car accidents happen - the statistics are hard to ignore. Most people, however, fail to realize that the same dangers that are attributed to these inland accidents can be attributed to vehicles on the water as well. Throughout the Gulf Coast and other sources of water, people enjoy boating. Such fun in the sun, however, can sometimes have a cost. Boating accidents are a prevalent source of serious and catastrophic injuries - can even be fatal in nature.

Some of the most common causes of boating accidents include the following:

  • Boating under the influence. Most people on a boat are doing so as recreation - and for many people, alcohol is a very present factor in their recreational activities. Unfortunately, boating while drinking is just as dangerous as driving under the influence and can lead to similar crashes.
  • Severe and hazardous weather. Some of the causes of boating simply cannot be helped. When weather gets bad, a boat is often left vulnerable to the whims of the water. Heavy rain, wind, and other weather can cause a boat to be difficult to navigate. Should lightning become involved, the situation can quickly turn deadly.
  • Different functioning of boat operation. One of the most important aspects of driving a boat is the fact that boats don't have a braking system. Meaning that there is no way for them to immediately come to a stop should they need to.
  • Inexperienced drivers behind the wheel. Boaters are not required to get the same licensing as other drivers, however, boats are just as difficult to operate. If the boat driver doesn't know the proper rules to abide by, doesn't know how to handle the vehicle, or is unable able to adapt to changing conditions, they can cause serious accidents.

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