Equipment Defects Defective Equipment Can Cause Oil Rig Explosions

Defective Oil Rig Equipment

Oil and gas workers who spend their days aboard oil platforms and drilling rigs that are stationed off the coast are automatically susceptible to a number of unsafe working conditions. One of the most unsettling conditions on a rig is defective equipmentit is an easily avoidable issue that quickly leads to destruction when neglected.

However, equipment doesn’t become defective overnight. It requires the neglect of multiple parties, usually employers or rig masters who become overly focused on profit over safety. Learn what leads to defective equipment—and who may be responsible.

The Danger of Faulty Equipment

Employers desire, above all, to keep business flowing—literally and figuratively. This leaves no time for delayed projects, especially when the delay is caused by routine maintenance or equipment that is operating improperly. Rather than sacrifice the time needed to inspect the equipment being used or fix a piece of equipment that is not working correctly, employers often choose to disregard the problem—sacrificing their employees instead.

Potential Defects

The work conducted on oil rigs and platforms utilizes heavy machinery and complicated equipment. This equipment requires routine maintenance. Unfortunately, maintenance can be costly, and oil rig employers are instructed to keep costs of production down, sometimes at the expense of safety or sustainability.

The result? Any of the following potential defects:

  • Corroded pipes and / or valves
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Damaged tongs and / or cables
  • Inadequate safety measures

In only an instant, a defective piece of equipment that was operating less-than-perfectly for months can suddenly become a full-blown disaster. When equipment fails, there is much more to be lost than just some machinery. Equipment failure could cause a pipeline to explode, create a leaking gas line, or ignite a chemical fire. Suddenly, the faulty equipment that was once just a hassle to oil rig workers becomes the source of serious personal injury, intense property damage, and possible loss of life.

Is the Risk Worth It?

The expense of fixing a piece of underperforming equipment can be daunting. It is not uncommon for employers to get turned off of the idea of fixing a piece of equipment that is still “working,” even if it isn't up to standard.

In fact, some employers are so against the thought of spending additional money on maintenance costs that they are willing to risk a full blowout instead. The issue here is that these problems do not get better with time. Left unattended, the defects continue to worsen until disaster is unavoidable.

An employee's life needs to be valued above the cost of repairs. When defective equipment continues to be used, disaster can strike – and often does. Disaster victims can suffer catastrophic burn injuries, head trauma, or worse. Some employees even lose their lives in such tragedies.

What You Can Do After a Severe Injury or Death

If you or a loved one were harmed in an oil rig explosion, contact a Houston injury attorney immediately. Experienced lawyers can conduct a thorough investigation to learn if the accident was caused by defective equipment. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, our lawyers are responsible for some of the greatest legal feats in personal injury law. Advocating for victims who've been harmed in any way, we work aggressively to represent the injured against those at fault.

Arnold & Itkin represented more victims of the Deepwater Horizon disaster than any law firm in the nation. Their trust was rewarded with relentless, aggressive advocacy and life-changing results.

Our firm’s policy is to invest as many resources as we can into your case and your medical care, with no upfront costs or fees. We take no fee from you unless we win your case, so give us a call today for a free consultation.

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