Negligence in the Oil Industry Carelessness Often Causes Serious Accidents

Negligence: The Cause of Oil Rig Explosions

Among workers in the oil drilling industry, explosions have become one of the most common sources of death and personal injury. This is particularly true for oil rig laborers who work on platforms and oil rigs at sea. Volatile chemicals, high pressures, and aging machinery all combine to create a prime environment for explosions, but there’s one factor that needs to be added to the mix: negligence.

Negligence has caused more disaster in the oil drilling industry than any other factor—it’s what caused so much suffering after the well-known British Petroleum spill in 2010, also known as the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

When oil spills, rig explosions, and fires strike, investigation into the source of the disaster is one of the first steps federal agencies take. It is often during these investigations that the negligence behind the accident is uncovered. Such was the case in the Deepwater Horizon case, and such has been the case in many incidents since then.

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How Negligence Causes Accidents

Legally defined, negligence is classified as any form of professional conduct that falls below the standards of performance that have been established to protect against any degree of preventable risk.

In other words, negligence is when a person fails to show the appropriate amount of care and attention. This definition has broad application: employers can be found negligent when they install equipment incorrectly, fail to maintain equipment (leading to severe defects), or neglect to train employees in proper safety procedures.

This concept frequently comes into play when cases of personal injury are brought to court, especially cases concerning the operation of an oil rig project that ended in fire, explosions, or similar incidents.

Captains, employers, and upper level executives are expected to provide safe working conditions for the employees who report to work each day as well. This implies regularly inspected machinery, protected equipment, stable rigs & platforms, and well-trained workers and supervisors.

In the absence of well-maintained equipment or qualified supervision, accidents can quickly occur.

In a matter of seconds, a faulty piece of machinery that has been acting up can suddenly burst into flames, or an unstable platform that has been neglected can give way. Any number of disastrous circumstances could occur from only one act of negligence, and the company that acted negligently can, and should, be held responsible.

Your Legal Options: Contact an Oil Rig Injury Attorney

Establishing negligence requires the plaintiff to prove that the defendant owed a duty that was neglected in some critical way. As these cases relate to oil rig explosions, the plaintiff is considered to be the injured party, and the captain or company that decided to forego the necessary precautions is classified as the defendant.

Failure to fix a faulty piece of equipment, or failure to oversee a project to the full extent required of such work, could be taken as negligence and legally pursued as such. Even the improper manufacturing of a piece of equipment could result in legal claims against the original designers of the product, who could be held negligently responsible.Victims of oil rig explosions can legally take action against the person or entity responsible for their personal harm. Doing so requires the assistance of a professional lawyer.

The legal system is delicate, and procedures must be conducted strictly according to the rules set forth for such matters in order to be completed correctly. Therefore, victims and their families stand the best chance of receiving compensation when they enlist the help of an oil rig explosion attorney.

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It’s this type of care and service that allowed us to effectively represent victims from the infamous 2010 BP oil spill, and it has continued to be effective in the cases we win on behalf of injured oil rig workers. Our attorneys secured billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Let's see what we can do for you.

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