Burn Injuries Oil Rig Explosions Can Have Lasting Consequences for Workers

Burn Injuries from Oil Rig Explosions

Information from an Oil Rig Explosion Attorney

Oil rig explosions are horrific events, with the aftermath often including severe (and sometimes fatal) injuries. One of the most common, and potentially life-altering, of these injuries is burn wounds. Severe burns can lead to lifelong pain and medical treatment—not to mention the psychological injuries caused by whatever caused the burns. If you have been burned in an oil rig explosion, you need to know what these injuries mean—and how you can secure your future. Below, we provide information about your options.

The Effects of Severe Burns (& Other Explosion Injuries)

The explosive blowouts that occur onboard an oil platform are always serious. The seamen who devote their careers to drilling and maintenance projects on offshore oil platforms are vulnerable to the dangers of such projects. Oil rig explosion injuries range from severe burns, to blunt trauma, to crush injuries and dismemberment.

In many cases, workers cannot entirely recover from their injuries due to their catastrophic nature.

Burn injuries present a unique set of difficulties. Ranging from first degree burns to fourth degree burns, these injuries can affect a person's life on a massive scale through long-term and permanent injury. In some cases, burns can lead to impaired mobility or total loss of the limb. In the most severe circumstances, charring burns can sear a victim’s tissue all the way down to the bone. Scarring, contractures, local infections, amputation, and significant functional impairment can all result. There is also a stronger chance of skin cancer, gangrene, or death from these wounds.

Legal Representation for Burn Victims

After suffering from a burn injury of any degree, rig workers can and should take legal action. To forego this right would meaning foregoing your chance for compensation, which could be used for the costs of recovery.

In our experience, workers know that their injuries are not purely accidental—they know that oil rig explosions are the result of negligence and valuing profit over safety. Civil law is designed to give you a chance to receive justice. Justice is more than symbolic—it has allowed our clients to move forward with confidence, equipped with financial security.

To get a better understanding of the legal system, let's look at the Black Elk Energy explosion:

The explosive fire, which erupted on a Friday morning off the Louisiana coast, resulted in two deaths and numerous injuries. At least four of the injured seamen suffered serious burns from the accident. These workers were placed in the Baton Rouge General Hospital burn unit in critical condition.

The medical expenses that result from staying at the hospital would be costly. Add in the costs of rehabilitation, amputation, and lost wages, and the seamen could be facing drastically unaffordable costs—even with the best insurance. In many cases, workers’ comp is unable to cover the costs of treatment and recovery. Burn victims in this situation can pursue other compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. With the help of an experienced injury attorney, our clients have taken action against those responsible for their pain and suffering.

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The victims of oil rig explosion injuries do not have to resign themselves to a life of medical bills and lost wages. Instead, they can turn to a professional at Arnold & Itkin LLP. Here, an experienced group of attorneys prepare your case for trial and aggressively represent you in court, without charging a single fee. If you don’t win your case, you don’t pay us a penny.

In 2010, we successfully represented victims of the infamous BP oil spill. Our personal work with the Deepwater Horizon case, along with hundreds of offshore injury cases, brings a unique perspective that no other firm has to offer. As a result, we have secured billions of dollars for our clients.

We urge you to contact the office today for a free consultation. Together, we can assess your burns, evaluate the damage of your injury, and move forward with your legal case. Call (888) 493-1629 today.

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