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Selecting a daycare provider for your child is an important process. While most licensed caregivers will do their best to protect children from harm, individuals and organizations occasionally do act negligently and fail to meet their duty to protect the children in their care from injury. Worse still, some daycare providers willfully cause harm to their charges, which can result in devastating trauma for the children in their care. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, we are passionate about fighting for children who have been injured. Our team has a long record of victory holding negligent caretakers accountable. We are here to protect your family during this difficult time and make sure this never happens again.

We can hold those responsible for your child’s injury accountable, providing compassionate care and support throughout the duration of your case. Call a Texas daycare negligence lawyer from our team.

Examples of Daycare Negligence

There are different types of behavior that are considered daycare negligence or abuse, including:

  • Failure to properly supervise a child – If a child is lost, injured, or otherwise harmed due to a lack of reasonable supervision, this can be considered negligence.
  • Failure to attend to a child's special dietary needs – When a daycare provider is aware of a child's severe allergy or other dietary restriction, he or she must take reasonable care to protect that child from foods that could cause harm. If your child suffers an allergic reaction to foods he or she should have been kept away from, this can also be considered an act of negligence.
  • Failure to provide safe premises – Neglecting to provide a safe environment can take many different forms, ranging from the provision of dangerous or age-inappropriate toys to using defective or recalled cribs. Leaving medicines or toxic substances in reach of children is another example of neglecting to provide safe premises.
  • Failure to screen employees – Daycare centers must legally do their best to protect children from dangerous individuals. If centers do not screen or conduct background checks on their employees, and inadvertently hire a dangerous predator or even a person who isn't qualified to provide care, they may be held liable for negligence.

Below, we list some common types of daycare accidents and injuries:

  • Accidents Involving Toys or Equipment – Toys that have been involved in safety recalls, toys with small or loose parts, or outdoor equipment that has been poorly maintained can all cause injuries to children. Falling, choking, and other hazards are all real dangers when daycare centers allow the presence of unsafe toys and equipment.
  • Accidents Involving Other Children – If left unsupervised, children can cause injuries to other children in a variety of ways, including hitting, biting, kicking, or even inadvertent collisions.
  • Injuries Involving Food – When daycare centers provide food, it can present many different dangers to children. Spoiled or contaminated food can cause illness, and foods that induce allergic reactions can cause serious injury or even death when given to children with negative reactions.
  • Physical Injuries – Visible injuries such as bumps, bruises, cuts, or even broken bones could all be indicative of daycare negligence or abuse.

How Should I Take Action Regarding Daycare Negligence?

In any case of alleged daycare negligence, the plaintiff bears the burden of proving that the harm to the child was the direct result of negligence by the daycare provider. The plaintiff must also show that the negligence led to some type of injury or damage, such as medical bills or emotional suffering, for which reimbursement can be claimed. It is important to have an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer on your side.

Request a Free Consultation with a Texas Daycare Negligence Lawyer

Daycare workers cannot be allowed to act recklessly. If you are considering filing a negligence or abuse claim against your child's daycare provider, the personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP can help you collect the evidence you will need to receive just compensation for the harm incurred by your child. We work on a contingency basis, so you don't pay a dime unless your case is successfully resolved.

Arnold & Itkin LLP wants to fight for your child. Contact a Texas daycare injury attorney at (888) 493-1629 from our office today so that a member of our team can provide you with free and confidential legal advice.

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