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Causes of Drowning Accidents

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Whether at the pool, lake, or beach, drowning is a serious threat to people spending time in or around the water. What started as a laid back summer day may turn into a devastating tragedy due to someone else’s carelessness. While safety standards and awareness have increased over the years, drowning is still a major issue, resulting in around 3,000 fatalities every year in the United States alone.

Knowing your legal options after a swimming pool accident is crucial, which is why Arnold & Itkin is here to make sure you are informed. Below, we've gathered information on the common causes of pool accidents and holding negligent parties accountable below.

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Identifying the Causes of Drowning Cases

Swimming is a fun pastime enjoyed by young and old. Swimmers of all skill levels can be susceptible to drowning, especially when someone else’s negligence is involved. Without the proper safety, security, and training measures, a swimming area may lead to tragic consequences.

Some common issues of negligence that lead to drowning include:

  • Untrained staff/lifeguards
  • Overcrowded pool area
  • Failure to create a prevention plan
  • Broken or missing emergency equipment
  • Lack of water clarity
  • Unsafe swimming pool design
  • The presence of defective gates and latches
  • Failure to meet Certified Pool Operator Standards
  • Defective equipment or design
  • Lack of supervision or lifeguards on duty
  • Failure to install sufficient pool barriers such as a fence

If you lost a loved one or they suffered serious injuries due to a drowning accident, one of the above issues may be the cause. The drowning accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin can help you identify the cause of your case, as well as the party that may be to blame for the tragic damages.

Who May Be at Fault for a Drowning Incident?

Determining and proving fault following a drowning accident is the most difficult part. While you may believe a certain party should be held liable, you must have the strong evidence and laws to back up this belief. That is why having a skilled Houston accident attorney by your side can be so crucial during this time. A lawyer can not only identify at-fault parties, but prove liability to these parties through careful investigation.

The following parties may be at fault in a drowning accident:

  • Recreational Centers
  • Hotels
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Swim Management Companies
  • Private Swimming Pool Owners
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Proving the fault of any of these parties can be challenging, especially when a case involves non-profit organizations, public facilities, and other properties that may be protected by state, government, or various other laws. You will need a skilled legal advocate on your side who has a comprehensive understanding of these varying laws and statutes and can anticipate any possible complications with your claim.

Think you may have a claim against a negligent party? Don’t wait. Call our drowning accident attorneys today to set up a consultation. Billions of dollars recovered on behalf of our clients.

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