What To Do We'll Guide You Through the Legal Process After a Drowning Incident

What to Do After a Drowning Accident

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Every year in the United States, around 10 people die from unintentional drowning according to the CDC. That is over 3,000 drowning victims every year in the U.S. alone, making it the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in the country. Accidental drowning is a devastating event, and while the legal ramifications are certainly neither the most pressing nor the most painful, it is important to understand this aspect of your situation. For this reason, you should contact the personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin as soon as possible.

Why You Should Speak with an Injury Attorney

A Texas personal injury lawyer can answer your questions and help you take the appropriate action. Our firm is passionate about defending the injured as well as bereaved families. We fight for justice. Many drowning accidents occur in public places, including hotels, water parks, summer camps, and city pools. Ensuring that those responsible are called out for their negligence encourages better safety measures, protecting others from enduring similar pain and preventing drowning accidents from occurring in the future.

Some of the documentation and evidence your attorney can use in your case include:

  • Photos of the body of water where the drowning accident occurred (Include incriminating aspects such as the position of the lifeguard’s chair, slippery concrete, lack of posted warning signs, or cloudy water)
  • Police reports / first-responder information
  • Work schedules of attendant lifeguards, if applicable
  • Interviews with family members, witnesses, or those at the pool when the accident occurred
  • Results of a pool safety and surveillance inspection, including a water clarity reading
  • Information about drowning accidents that had occurred at the site previously
  • Testimony from expert witnesses including physicians, medical examiners, and aquatic experts
  • Information about training received by lifeguards at the pool, if applicable

Who Was at Fault?

Different parties could be responsible under the law—in some situations, more than one individual is culpable:

  • Pool owners or management company
  • Lifeguards
  • Property operators
  • Owners of private swimming facilities

There can be many different negligence issues. For example, perhaps structural or mechanical issues were at fault—the pool did not have proper emergency equipment available, gates or latches were defective, or the design of the swimming pool is poor. In other situations, human error is to blame. The pool was overcrowded, staff members were untrained, or Certified Pool Operator Standards were not met. Lifeguards may have been distracted, unskilled, or poorly trained. Whatever happened, our attorneys can get to the bottom of it and fight for you.

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