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Billions Won for the Injured by Ryder Systems Accident Lawyers

Ryder Systems, also known as Ryder Integrated Logistics, is a shipping carrier and freight company based in Miami, Florida. According to their company profile on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site, the company operates 5,187 vehicles nationwide. The company has been cited for 4,168 safety violations over the last two years, according to FMCSA data collected in August 2018.

Their violations include:

  • Driving more than 15 mph over the speed limit
  • Operating a commercial truck while dangerously fatigued
  • Driving a commercial truck while texting
  • Reckless driving
  • Unsecured cargo

In the same time period, Ryder Systems has been involved in 401 truck accidents, which caused 168 injuries and killed 13 people. Sadly, company stats like Ryder Systems' aren't rare—hundreds of trucking companies across the nation are responsible for (or involved in) thousands of traffic fatalities and tens of thousands of injuries every year. Despite only making up 5 percent of highway vehicles, large commercial trucks are responsible for 11 percent of all traffic fatalities.

When companies cause people harm, they ought to pay for the cost of that harm. That's what drives our Ryder Systems truck accident attorneys to fight for 18-wheeler victims nationwide. Arnold & Itkin has helped win countless seven-figure results for the victims of truck accidents, helping them afford medical care and provide for their families.

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How Trucking Companies Are Making the Roads More Dangerous

According to FMCSA data, the direct cause of 1 in 7 truck crashes is fatigue. Experts believe that the actual number is far higher, as truck drivers don't normally report their tiredness during accident investigations (and tiredness is a factor that affects far more accidents than data can measure). Up to 1 in 4 truck crashes occur when drivers have been working for longer than 17 hours. Sleep researchers believe that "moderate tiredness" and drinking impair driving to the same degree. Truckers who lack sleep hurt or kill thousands of motorists every year.

Truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries like:

Now, the question is why are so many truckers lacking sleep? A large part of the reason thousands of tired truckers are getting behind the wheel of their 80,000-pound mammoth machines is the way the industry is set up. Most trucking companies pay their new drivers by the mile, which means they make ends meet based entirely on how long and how far they drive every day. Companies then develop a culture of "hard-driving" that convinces truckers to push themselves to minimize breaks, work long hours, and become maximally efficient—without costing the company an extra dime. It leads to serious sleep debt for long-haul truckers nationwide.

Companies Don't See a Problem Because They Created It

The problem is that most truckers have plenty of other work to do besides driving. On any given day, there are a dozen legitimate reasons that a trucker wouldn't be able to drive very far. Traffic, weather, unexpected repairs, waiting for a company to load or unload the trailer—all of these could result in a driver losing money on a given day. Thanks to pay-by-mile, those drivers will push themselves to work even longer on subsequent days—which is why hours-of-service violations is such a widespread problem in the trucking industry.

Vital non-driving trucking work includes:

  • Driving to pick up new loads
  • Planning routes
  • Abiding by federally-mandated rest breaks
  • Waiting for loading/unloading
  • Submitting to rig inspections

Hours-of-service violations, by the way, aren't a problem for companies. If anything, they're just a byproduct of the sort of pressure pay-by-mile puts on drivers. Trucking school instructors (who are often carrier employees) unofficially encourage new drivers to view federal laws as obstacles in their way to making a good living. Illegal tactics, like keeping two logbooks, are taught to new drivers to help them get around hours-of-service inspections. This has serious consequences for passengers and motorists—when truckers neglect sleep to make ends meet, people die.

How to Recover with Ryder Systems Truck Accident Attorneys

Ryder Systems truck accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP.If you've been injured in a commercial truck accident, you'll need an experienced advocate. Why? Because the truck company is already deploying a team of adjusters and lawyers to build a case against you. That means whatever you claim for your medical care or lost wages is going to get delayed or denied—or worse, they'll offer you something far below what you need to survive. Arnold & Itkin LLP has seen it happen again and again, which is why we know it's going to happen.

When clients turn to us, we deploy our own team of experts and investigators to build your case—leveling the playing field between you and the carrier. That's why we've been able to win billions of dollars for our clients, helping them pay for medical care, replace their salaries, and provide for their loved ones. Our Ryder Systems truck accident lawyers pour our extensive resources into each case so that our clients can rebuild their lives.

It all starts with a free consultation. Call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online to speak with our trucking attorneys—our clients pay no fee unless we win.

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