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Burns are one of the most traumatizing catastrophic injuries a person can sustain. Besides being incredibly painful and difficult to recover from, the effects of a burn injury can change the rest of a person’s life. Each day, countless burn survivors deal with the repercussions of their injuries. An altered appearance, limited mobility, and lasting pain are just a few of the challenges burn injury survivors overcome each day.

One of the most heartbreaking aspects of burn injuries is the fact that they’re often caused by the negligence of another party. No one should suffer the rest of their life because a someone else was reckless. At Arnold & Itkin, our Shreveport burn injury lawyers are focused on earning the financial stability that survives need and deserve. We’ve recovered billions of dollars so clients can build a new life, and we’re ready to fight for you.

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Common Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries happen in different ways, and don’t always require direct exposure to a fire or heated object. While it’s common for burn injuries to be caused by exposure to a fire or explosion, they can happen in other ways.

Burn injuries include:

  • Thermal Burns: The type of burn that often comes to mind when someone pictures burn injuries. These burns are caused by exposure to a heated or hot substance such as fire, steam, liquids, and metal.
  • Chemical Burns: Some burns, such as chemical burns, can occur with or without the presence of heat. For example, refinery workers are often exposed to hydrofluoric acid, a substance that’s useful during the production of various items. Besides causing burns, hydrofluoric acid exposure is concerning because it also introduces toxic substances into the body.
  • Flash Burns: Sometimes, a person doesn’t need to beexposed directly to an explosion or fire to sustain injuries. Flash burns occur from the heat and energy a person is exposed to by being too close to an explosion.

Inhalation Injuries Often Accompany Burns

Inhalation injuries are serious and often accompany burn injuries. These injuries are caused by the inhalation of smoke or vapors that were present when a person sustained their burns. Inhalation injuries are important to be aware of because the damage they cause to the respiratory system, eyes, and other parts of a person’s body.

The symptoms of inhalation injuries include:

  • Coughing up phlegm
  • Irritated sinuses
  • Pain or tightness in the chest
  • Running nose
  • Scratchy, irritated throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches

Inhalation injuries have three main categories: heat inhalation, toxic inhalation, and smoke inhalation. Heat inhalation occurs when a person tries to breathe hot air, most often near a fire or explosion. Toxic inhalation occurs as fires burn toxic substances or a person is exposed to dangerous chemicals. Finally, smoke inhalation is a dangerous injury and causes about 60 and 80% of fatalities for burn victims.

Categorizing Burn Injuries

Since the skin has multiple layers, burns can be more or less severe depending on how many of those layers are injured. For example, there’s a difference a burn that’s caused by quickly touching a hot surface and one caused by direct and prolonged exposure to flames. Categorizing burns based on their degree of damage helps to understand how serious a person’s injuries are and how much treatment they’ll require.

First-Degree Burns

First-degree burns are the type of injury that most people will experience at some point in t heir life. They result from quick contact with a hot surface or from the friction of rubbing on a rough surface. Generally, they produce mild discomfort, blistering, and eventually heal on their own as long as they’re kept clean. First degree burns can be relieved by placing them under water but should never be cold.

Second-Degree Burns

This type of burn is slightly more serious than a first-degree burn because it means damage extends beyond the first layer of skin. Second-degree burns should be assessed by a medical professional to decide how much medical care they require. Signs of a second-degree burn include deep redness, and a wet or shiny appearance of the wound area.

Third & Fourth-Degree Burns

These burns are serious and require immediate professional attention. When a burn is this severe, it extends through multiple layers of the skin. In the worst instances, they can burn muscle tissue and even char someone’s bones. Third and fourth-degree burns are also dangerous because they are sign of prolonged exposure to a fire—making inhalation injuries likely.

Third and fourth-degree burn symptoms include:

  • Charring
  • White coloration
  • Smooth, waxy appearance of skin
  • Brown discoloration
  • Conspicuous lack of blisters

Learn more about burn injuries on Medlinplus.gov

Burn Injury FAQ

Who Is Liable for Burn Injuries?

Any party that was negligent and caused a preventable accident could be liable for a burn accident. In the state of Texas, those suffering from an accident have two years from the day it happened to file a personal injury claim. Liable parties can include negligent companies and reckless individuals.

Should I Accept a Settlement for My Burn Injuries?

Often, liable parties or their insurers quickly offer a settlement to burn victims with the hope that they’ll accept in during their moment of desperation. While a settlement offer might seem like your company is trying to treat you right, you should speak with an attorney before accepting it. These settlements are often low and are meant to absolve a party of further liability. Our team of Shreveport burn injury lawyers are ready to examine your offer and help you decide if it’s fair. Often, we find that burn survivors and their families are entitled to much more than initial settlements offer.

How Are Burn Injuries Treated?

The amount of treatment for a burn injury depends on how severe it is. First-degree burns only require typical wound care. Depending on how serious a second-degree burn is, it will require similar care as a first-degree burn.

Those who have second and third-degree burns might require:

  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Skin grafts
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Assisted care for life

The treatments listed above are usually expensive and ongoing. Adding to the financial difficulties of burn injuries is the fact that they often change a person’s ability to earn a wage as the once did. Since accidents often cause scarring or disfigurement, it’s also likely that survivors will need to have psychological care as well. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, our team is focused on helping burn victims recover by fighting to secure the compensation they need.

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A lot of things should happen after a person sustains serious burn injuries. Insurance companies should provide the coverage a person needs, companies should pay injured workers for the cost of an accident, and people who cause serious car crashes should be accountable for their negligence. Yet, after serious accidents, negligent parties are rarely willing to do what’s right. This is where Arnold & Itkin LLP steps in.

Our firm refuses to allow clients to be mistreated after a serious accident. We fight for the compensation that people need because we know it’s the right thing to do. We also know that our clients count on us, so we never settle for less than they deserve. We’re known for the results we’ve earned inside and outside of the courtroom, and we’re ready to put our experience to work for you.

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