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A lot of times, people are worried about calling us and saying “Am I going to get fired if I call you? Will I get blacklisted so I’ll never get a job working offshore again if I call you?” The answer is no. It’s absolutely no. First off, it’s private. So there’s no way that your company will find out that we’ve had a conversation. Because it will just stay between you and me. I’ve heard this blacklist talk for years, and I’ve never seen it happen. I’ve never seen it actually happen. I’ve had plenty of clients who’ve been injured offshore who go back to work offshore when their injuries heal.

Blacklist talk is perpetuated by the companies to try to discourage people from learning their legal rights. That’s all it is. There’s no reason to be scared. When a potential client contacts me, from that point forward, everything is confidential.

It’s necessary that you contact me. Because you need to know what your options are. If you’re making decisions about your future and your family’s future because you’re afraid that if you call me, something bad might happen, that’s not making a good decision. Because everything, whether you hire us or not, is confidential. The company won’t even know—and, of course, you need to know what your rights are.