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If you’re going to have a case against the largest petrochemical plants, you actually have to know what you’re doing. You have to have the resources and the experience to actually know what you’re looking for. Very rarely is the plant owner solely at fault. Usually, there are contractors, there are other maintenance people who may have been out of there who may have missed the maintenance of this particular equipment.

In almost every case that we have ever had, because we know what to look for and we bring with us the expertise and the experts, a lot of times we’re seeing not just one responsible party, but maybe four, five, or six.

When things go wrong at plants, they go wrong in a terrible fashion. We’ve been called by families to come out to the burn units. We’ve been called by families to come to the trauma centers. We’ve seen that our clients met them for the first time when they are burned and bandaged after skin grafts. When their families are looking for answers—when they want to know what went wrong, why did it go wrong, what are we going to do to make their lives better, what are we going to do to give them the best life possible—it motivates us to make sure that we hold those companies responsible, that we take care of our clients and their families, and we make sure that it doesn’t happen again to somebody else.

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