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Big rigs can weigh up to 80,000 pounds—the weight of a train car—and there are millions of them traveling U.S. highways alongside vehicles that aren't even a tenth their size. That's why tractor-trailers are involved in some of the worst traffic accidents on the road. Catastrophic injuries mark 18-wheeler crashes, including burn injuries, loss of limbs, traumatic brain injury, and wrongful deaths.

Truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries like:

When that happens, our West Texas truck accident lawyers help people get back on their feet. Our law firm helps commercial drivers, independent contractors, and regular commuters pay for medical care and replace their income so they can focus on getting better and moving forward. Our clients have won billions thanks to our guidance and resources.

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Long-Haul Drivers Working Themselves to Death

Trucking company policies are putting the public at risk.

Thousands of drivers are getting behind the wheel of their big rigs with dangerously low levels of sleep. Why? Because truck drivers are largely paid by the mile—allowing companies to put the risks and costs of long-haul trucking on them. Time spent getting the rig inspected, waiting for loading and unloading, or getting a new load from a dispatcher is all unpaid. This pushes drivers to haul as fast and for as long as they can. New drivers are encouraged (unofficially, of course) to keep two logbooks so they can violate hours of service regulations.

Their grueling schedule forces them to go without adequate sleep. Losing sleep to drive longer hauls has a measurable effect on highway safety. Experts estimate that 13 percent of truck crashes are directly caused by fatigue—but researchers say the actual number is far higher since fatigue affects far more crashes that are reported. Up to 1 in 4 truck crashes happen when a driver has been hauling for longer than 17 hours. The problem is killing passenger drivers and truckers alike—of the 5,000+ trucking fatalities every year, as many as 700 are truckers.

Truck accidents we've represented include:

FedEx & UPS Truck Accident Lawyers

In the general freight hauling industry, there are two companies that dominate the landscape: Federal Express and United Parcel Service. These two global brands control half of the U.S. freight delivery industry by themselves—meaning their practices and profit margins can shape the industry. Unfortunately, the shape it's taking isn't one that's good for drivers.

From 2015 to 2017, UPS trucks were involved in 2,003 crashes, injuring 689 and killing 49. Those numbers represent a 38 percent increase in the number of crashes since 2012. While FedEx trails behind UPS, their rate of increase is staggering—FedEx trucks have been involved with 273 percent more fatalities since 2012. Together, the two companies have more than 210,000 vehicles on the road.

See for yourself—find out how often trucking companies get into accidents on the FMCSA website.

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West Texas Trucking Lawyers Kurt Arnold & Jason Itkin.When people get hurt in trucking accidents, our firm is the one that's helping survivors and victims get back on their feet. Trucking companies aren't there for the people they hurt—they're busy sending their investigators to make sure the trucker is blamed (for the practices the company encouraged in the first place) or that someone else is found at fault. Our West Texas truck accident law firm doesn't believe that's fair. Regular people deserve to have their own investigators, their own advocates, and their own people fighting for their future.

That's what Arnold & Itkin offers. Our clients have won billions of dollars because we have the resources and experience to level the playing field between large companies/insurers and regular folks. We help them provide for their families, get medical care, and replace the income they've lost since the accident.

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