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Midland Burn Injury Lawyers

Representing Burn Survivors Nationwide. Over $20 Billion Won.

Burns are painful, debilitating, and life changing catastrophic injuries. They are expensive to treat. They can cause scarring and disfigurement, creating significant psychological side effects and physical limitations that can make it difficult to earn a living. Some burn survivors cannot return to work at all.

Arnold & Itkin has been representing the seriously injured since 2004. In that time, we have seen good people go through the worst situations. We have fought to improve their lives by finding answers, holding at-fault parties accountable, and securing compensation that helps them rebuild. If you have been seriously burned or lost someone you love, our Midland injury lawyers are standing by to help. You have options. We are here for you!

Advocates for the Seriously Injured

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Our Burn Injury Case Results

Primary healthcare to treat a burn injury ranges from about $3,000 to $5,000 per day in America. That initial treatment accounts for only about 23% of all medical costs a burn patient may face. In all, burn injury treatment may cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars over the course of a patient’s life. This is why our Midland burn injury attorneys take our case results so seriously. We know we need to secure maximum compensation for every client to pay for their initial treatment, surgery, therapy, ongoing care, and so much more.

The following are a few of our most notable burn injury case results:

  • We secured a record-breaking $222 million verdict against a piping repair and maintenance company for a widow who lost her husband in an industrial accident after he was severely burned by superheated steam. 
  • We won $125 million for the widow of a dredge worker who lost his life after he was catastrophically burned. 
  • We secured a $92.7 million settlement for a man who was severely burned at work. 
  • We earned an $87 million settlement for a worker who suffered serious burn injuries in a fire. 
  • We won a record-setting $39.7 million verdict for a client who was seriously burned in a dust fire and explosion.
  • We secured a $22.9 million settlement for a worker who sustained second-degree burns in a plant accident.
  • We earned a $17.25 million settlement for a man who was severely burned on his hands, arms, and face in a flash fire while he was helping to install equipment at a plant in Tijuana, Mexico.

Our Midland burn injury law firm has secured many more multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients, as well as hundreds of results of $1 million and above. Click here to learn more.

Burn Injury Accidents in Midland, Odessa & Surrounding Areas

There are many scenarios and situations that can cause severe burns. Burn injuries can happen in the workplace, in motor vehicle accidents, at home, or as a result of defective or dangerous products.

Our burn injury attorneys in Midland can handle cases involving:

No matter what you were doing or where you were, if someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing caused you harm, you may be entitled to compensation for what you’ve endured. We can get to the bottom of your case to see what caused your burn injuries and who should be held accountable.

Identifying Cause & Liability in a Midland Burn Injury Case

We will have a few main goals in taking on a burn injury case. First, we want to make sure our client is safe and is getting the right treatment. Then, we will work to investigate what caused our client’s injuries in the first place. Was it a defective product? An employer who failed to implement proper safety practices, such an oil and gas company? A drunk driver? Working with accident reconstruction specialists, investigators, and experts in fire safety, fire investigation, civil engineering, and other relevant fields, we will build a compelling case that identifies cause.

Once cause is established, our Midland injury lawyers can determine what party (or parties) should be held legally responsible. We will also identify all potential sources of compensation. Building a strong burn injury claim will help us at the negotiating table or in the courtroom—wherever the case needs to go to secure the best possible outcome.

We're ready to listen to your story and discuss how we may be able to advocate for you. Call (888) 493-1629 to request your free consultation!

Common Questions

  • Who Can Be Sued in a Burn Injury Lawsuit?

    The liable party in a burn injury lawsuit may be an individual or a business. One or more defendants can be named, depending on what caused the plaintiff’s injuries. The manufacturer of a dangerous consumer product, an oil company that put profits over safety, a truck driver who made an unsafe lane change—these are all examples of potentially at-fault parties. A complete investigation into your burn injury case can reveal who is accountable.

  • What Is My Burn Injury Case Worth?

    The value of your case will depend on how serious your injuries are and the impact they have had and will have on your life. The purpose of a burn injury case is to help a survivor rebuild their life, as close as possible to where it was before the injury occurred. Any resulting settlement or verdict should cover all of the medical treatment associated with the burn injury, any lost earnings, loss of future earnings, ongoing treatment or therapy, and also emotional trauma like pain and suffering. This could result in a recovery of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. If a Midland-Odessa burn injury attorney at our firm takes your case, you can rest assured that our team will do everything we can to maximize your compensation.

  • How Can I Afford a Midland-Odessa Burn Injury Lawyer?

    You don’t have to worry about paying any upfront costs when you work with Arnold & Itkin. If we take on your burn injury claim, we will forward all the costs associated with investigating and building your case. We only collect our legal fees if and when we secure a settlement or verdict on your behalf. Plus, there is no risk and no obligation when you call or contact us online for your free initial consultation. You don’t have to come up with any money ahead of time, and you do not have to worry about any of our fees unless we win.

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