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It doesn’t matter whether you have been involved in a truck accident, injured at work, or lost a love one to wrongful death, our firm stands with you. Working families who've had their lives destroyed by negligent decision-making turn to us because they know we never turn from a fight. The bigger the challenge, the better. We’ve won more than $10 billion for our clients in victories nationwide because we don't back down. You can count on us to be at your side until the fight is over. No matter what.

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“I told him, “Kurt you’re my hero. You’re my knight in shining armor.” Because that’s how I feel toward him. He’s there to protect me, and I feel so safe. They are driven. They are aggressive. They will not quit for you. They will not give up for you. That’s what makes them special.”
Mildred Solar Cortes El Faro Widow

When something terrible has happened, you need the best Louisiana personal injury lawyers on your side. Our clients call our team of Baton Rouge injury attorneys after the worst days of their lives. We help them understand what’s happening, prepare them for what they’ll be facing, and get the care and resources they need to recover. There’s only word that fits the way we fight for our clients: family. Some lawyers will get a case they truly care about, where they put in extra hours and extra money just to make sure their client is taken care of. For our injury law firm in Louisiana, that’s every single case.

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BP. Exxon-Mobil. Johnson & Johnson. Transocean. These are just a few of the industry giants we’ve beaten in court—some more than once. If you’re facing a big company, they’ll throw dozens of lawyers and paperwork and tricks and threats at you to get you to back off. It doesn’t matter. Our Louisiana injury firm has taken it on multiple times, and we’ve won, even when we were outnumbered or outspent. No matter who you’re facing, we’ve seen it all. And we can help you beat it.

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  • $8 Billion Top 3 Largest Jury Verdict in U.S. History Read This Story
  • $357 Million Largest Workplace Accident Settlement in Texas History
  • $222 Million Record-Breaking Verdict for Widow Read This Story
  • $205 Million Confidential Settlement Obtained for Numerous Clients
  • $193 Million Settlement Won for Victims of Pipeline Explosion
  • $171 Million One of the Largest Confidential Settlements in History
  • $139 Million Massive Settlement Achieved for Victims of an Oilfield Incident
  • $125 Million Settlement Won for Widow of Dredge Worker
  • $117 Million Largest Single-Event Personal Injury Verdict in Louisiana History Read This Story
  • $116 Million Confidential Settlement
  • $110 Million Record Settlement for Victims of Defective Products
  • $105 Million Record Settlement for Dangerous Product Victims
  • $98 Million Settlement Reached on Behalf of Families
  • $97 Million Massive Settlement Secured for Refinery Workers
  • $92.7 Million Record Settlement for Burn Injury Victim
  • $87 Million Confidential Settlement for Worker Who Suffered Life-Threatening Burn Injuries
  • $81 Million Record Settlement Achieved for Wrongful Death Case
  • $78 Million Massive Settlement for Severely Injured Client
  • $77.5 Million Settlement Reached for Houston Man Injured in a Forklift Incident
  • $76.6 Million Verdict Won Against Johnson & Johnson Read This Story

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We’ve consistently received the legal industry’s highest honors. We’re proud of these accolades and deeply grateful to the clients who put their trust in us.

  • Inner Circle of Advocates
  • Best Lawyers in America
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Top 50 Jury Verdicts
  • Best Law Firms 2020
  • Best Law Firms 2021
  • Best Law Firms 2022
  • Best Law Firms 2023
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  • Kurt Arnold
    “We take the cases we must win because it’s the right thing—the ones we have to win. Even if it’s hard. Especially if it’s hard.
    Kurt Arnold Founding Partner
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  • Jason Itkin
    “People call me when something terrible has happened and they need help. It is personal to my clients, so it is personal to me. We have to win—no matter what.”
    Jason Itkin Founding Partner
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Our Louisiana injury lawyers will never be outworked, no matter what.

Our clients might be facing the most well-funded, well-defended company in the world. But it doesn’t matter how many lawyers or resources they have. Our team of top-rated Louisiana personal injury attorneys will always have the strongest advantage: we put in the hours. We work all night, prepare each case at all hours from the day you call until the first day of trial, and relentlessly challenge ourselves to strengthen the case even more. We’re all in. Some firms dread the hard work, but we live for it.

After all, it’s what gives our clients the best chance to recover.

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No Matter How Big the
News Story.

Where there’s a headline, people call us. We were brought in on the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the sinking of the El Faro, the explosion of the William Olefins plant, and countless other nationally reported disasters. People call us because they know we’ve handled these high-stakes cases before, and we’ve won. We know what it’s like to have the eyes of the country on us, and we don’t buckle under the pressure. No matter what.

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Our Louisiana injury lawyer fights for families all over the Gulf Coast. We won the largest single-injury verdict in Louisiana history, beat oil rig companies and shipping companies, and secured life-changing results for workers and motorists alike since 2004. We’ve won more than $10 billion in verdicts and settlements for honest, hardworking families. We proudly represent clients throughout Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Shreveport, and beyond. That’s because, when it comes to helping our clients rebuild their lives, we never stop fighting. No matter what.

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When something bad has happened, we can help you move forward and rebuild. Over the years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people get the results they deserve. When everything is on the line, we're here for you. No matter what.

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