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Baton Rouge Offshore Accident Lawyers Serving Maritime Workers Nationwide

Maritime and offshore injuries occur all too frequently, especially in the Gulf Coast. Whether you or your loved one works on an oil rig or in commercial shipping, maritime work can be brutal, and these settings unfortunately see similar accidents and catastrophes as those in a refinery or manufacturing plant. Regardless, it is the responsibility of owners and management to provide safe working conditions for their employees.

There is no excuse for allowing vessel and rig workers to be injured by unsafe conditions or inadequate policies or training.

However, as many offshore workers know, management tries to get away with using smaller and smaller crews to accomplish the same tasks that usually require a full workforce. This increases the likelihood of a dangerous accident. One, because smaller crews require more work from every worker, the odds of exhaustion increase. Two, when individuals are asked to do things that require two or three people, they're far more likely to hurt themselves.

Our offshore lawyers in Louisiana have seen the results of these practices firsthand. When Gulf Region workers suffer life-changing accidents, they call Arnold & Itkin to help rebuild their lives and protect their families' future.

To find out how we can help you, contact our Louisiana offshore accident attorneys for a free, private consultation. We can explain your options and your rights so you can make the best choices about your case.

Fighting for the Deepwater Horizon Crew

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What a Louisiana Offshore Injury Lawyer Provides

In our experience fighting for maritime workers in the largest offshore disasters of the last 20 years, we’ve learned that companies will stop at nothing to protect their bottom line—even if that means depriving you of what you’re owed.

We’ve seen offshore employers and their insurance companies blame workers for their own injuries, file claims against the people they injured, and otherwise do whatever it took to evade responsibility. Their delay-and-deny tactics robbed plaintiffs of medical care, income, and financial stability when they needed it most.

Our job, in those situations, is to make sure our clients get what they need immediately while preparing their case for the long haul, if necessary. As a result, our clients get access to the best specialists and treatments for their injuries, giving them peace of mind while robbing big companies of leverage.

Call Louisiana Maritime Lawyers for Handling All Offshore Injury Claims

Maritime workers don’t get the same protections as their counterparts on land. Instead, you rely on laws like the Jones Act, the Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, or the Death on the High Seas Act to protect you.

But to file claims under these laws, you need a lawyer who understands them—how they work, how to argue that they apply to you, and which ones suits your needs best.

Our firm’s track record shows that we’re equipped to handle any Louisiana maritime injury claims:

  • $193 million settlement for offshore workers injured in a pipeline explosion
  • $125 million settlement recovered for the widow of a dredge worker who suffered fatal burn injuries in an explosion
  • $68 million settlement recovered for a dredge worker injured in a pipeline accident
  • $49.5 million settlement recovered for an offshore platform worker left paralyzed by company negligence
  • $40 million settlement won for three Jones Act seamen injured in a vessel collision caused by poor management

As Louisiana maritime claims attorneys, we can fight for your future using any and all legal tools available to us. Even if you’re not a citizen of this country or you were working on a foreign-flagged vessel in a US port, Arnold & Itkin will use all our resources to make sure you recover all that you need.

Beating the Offshore Company Playbook

Crew members who get injured on poorly maintained vessels in navigable waters will most likely need to file a Jones Act claim to recover what they need. However, in the worst of these situations, vessel owners often resort to filing a limitation of liability action, which essentially limits your recovery to whatever the vessel was worth after the accident.

These and other tricks in the maritime company playbook have all been thoroughly studied and beaten by our trial team. It’s why we’ve become one of the highest-performing maritime firms in the country.

These are just a few maritime cases we’re currently investigating:

The Seacor Power Capsizing

On April 13, 2021, the Seacor Power, a commercial lift boat, set sail despite warnings from officials that a strong storm system was approaching the area. Within two hours of leaving, the vessel had capsized because of strong winds and rough waters. Nearby vessels and responders from the U.S. Coast Guard were able to pull six people from the water. One person was pulled from the water and the search for 12 more missing people was underway as of late the next day.

Causes of Louisiana boat capsizing accidents include:

  • Operator inexperience
  • A lack of training
  • Heading out despite severe weather warnings
  • Improperly loaded boats

Personal accounts from other mariners reveal treacherous conditions, with many of them saying they weren't sure if they'd make it safely back to land. One worried person—who said she was a fiancée of one of the missing—told reporters that she begged her partner not to go out that day. He expressed to her that he felt he had no choice. While investigators are looking into why the vessel was attempting to go out during rough waters, one thing seems to be clear: the Seacor Power should not have been attempting to sail in the conditions that it did.

Putting Louisiana Offshore Workers & Their Families First

Imagine spending 10 or 20 years of your life working offshore. The work is hard but rewarding, and you feel that you are a valuable part of your employer's team. But then one day, you're seriously injured on the job. Instead of being supported by the company you've given your blood, sweat, and tears to, you're treated like nothing. You're told you need to return to work even though you haven't fully healed. You watch the medical bills pile up with no way to pay. Unfortunately, this is a common story for offshore workers in Louisiana and worldwide.

As Louisiana offshore injury attorneys, we take it upon ourselves to fight for the interests of workers and their families. We do what others can't: we take our battle to court and make oil and gas giants pay for their wrongdoing. We never back down, because we know what we're doing is right. We fight to win, no matter what.

Our firm proudly helps clients throughout the state of Louisiana, including in Bunkie, Plaucheville, Columbia, Grayson, Galliano, Rayville, Many, Zwolle, Saint Rose, Franklin, Newellton, Angie, Sibley, and more.

If you've suffered an offshore injury, put a powerful ally in your corner. Call Arnold & Itkin at (888) 493-1629 today for a free consultation with our Louisiana offshore injury attorneys.

Common Questions

  • I Was Injured Offshore. Do I Need to See the Company Doctor?

    If you were injured in an offshore accident, your employer may ask you to see the company doctor. They may even try to pressure you into signing a statement that says you are well enough to return to work, or they may tell you that you cannot seek medical attention elsewhere.

    You should know that offshore workers have the right to seek medical care from where they desire. You are not required to see the doctor that your employer wants you to see. You can seek a second opinion. Your health should come first, and that means seeking care from the doctor, facility, or specialist that’s right for you. If you have more questions about seeking medical care after an offshore injury, our attorneys are standing by to help.

  • What Is My Offshore Injury Case Worth?

    Every case is different. Some offshore workers may have Jones Act claims and others may be entitled to compensation through other legal means. At Arnold & Itkin, we take care to understand the approach that is right for an injured crew member’s case. We look at the true and complete impact that an offshore injury has had on our client and his or her family. We take everything into consideration because it takes everything to try to rebuild and find stability after a catastrophic injury. The value of your claim may be based on medical expenses, physical and occupational therapy, the cost of ongoing treatment and care, lost earnings and benefits, loss of future earnings, and the pain and suffering you’ve endured. Your employer may try to put a price on the trauma you’ve experienced, but this is impossible. Holding them accountable and recovering a fair settlement or award is the only thing that can bring peace of mind and an assurance that you’ll be taken care of for the rest of your life.

  • What Offshore Injury Cases Has Arnold & Itkin Handled?

    Our firm has taken on some of the largest offshore cases in history–and won. We represented one-third of the Deepwater Horizon crew and three of the widows of the Deepwater Horizon sinking. We’ve fought for workers who have suffered life-changing injuries in all types of offshore accidents. In all, our firm has recovered over $10 billion for people in all walks of life who have been injured or have lost loved ones because of the negligence and wrongdoing of others.
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