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In a recent report by the Highway Safety Research Group out of Louisiana State University, there were 2,681 injuries from car accidents per 100,000 people in the state of Louisiana in the year 2015. Their research shows a steady increase in this number since 2011, but most notably, it means that a little more than 1 out of 50 people in the state of Louisiana will experience an injury or death due to a car accident.

Though we know the potential dangers we face when driving, many of these accident victims are not at fault. Negligence and reckless driving can permanently affect one’s life, and our Louisiana car crash lawyers believe that victims are entitled to financial compensation support themselves in the future in the wake of their serious injuries.

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Frequent Causes of Louisiana Car Accidents

No two car accidents are identical, meaning that every injury case needs to be handled with attentive care. There are, however, several common factors that often lead to accidents. Most of them can be considered while driving to minimize the likelihood of an accident.

Some of these frequent causes include the following:

  • Insufficient Vehicle Maintenance: Although your car may seem to be the most dependable machine you own, it still requires regular maintenance to avoid potential disaster. A suddenly blown tire or engine failure can lead to a catastrophic accident.
  • Attitude of the Driver: Some traffic schools label this the most important aspect of driving. A bad day can lead to excessive risks on the road that endanger others. It is crucial to remember the harm a vehicle can cause and control emotions behind the wheel.
  • Driving Under the Influence: A leading cause of car accidents across the country, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs unfairly puts others at risk. Drunk drivers may fall asleep at the wheel, demonstrate impaired judgment, or slow reaction time.
  • Dangerous Roads: Often the condition of roads can be neglected, especially in rural areas. Some are characterized by potholes that can pop tires or poor visibility that could lead to head on collisions. It is up to our governing bodies to make roads safe.
  • Negligent or Distracted Driving: Operating a motor vehicle safely requires full attentiveness, but many drivers try to multitask by talking or texting. This can lead to an accident at the fault of said driver because his or her abilities were avoidably fragmented.
  • Malfunctioning Vehicles: Sometimes, drivers to everything correctly and an accident still occurs because of a faulty system. Some recalls have been ordered due to reports of accelerator locks that force the car to perpetually accelerate and fail to brake.
  • Fatigued Driving: Certain studies have shown that fatigue can have similar effects on a driver to the influence of alcohol. Drivers who have been on the road too long or who are lacking sufficient rest can have slowed reaction time and impaired judgment.

Common Motor Vehicle Accidents We Can Help With

There are many more ways than one to get around these days, but no matter the location or purpose of a motor vehicle, you are still susceptible to injuries while driving them. Our Baton Rogue motor vehicle accident law firm can investigate the cause of the crash and begin building an argument for your financial compensation.

Common types of motor vehicle accidents include:

  • Car Accidents
    Most people travel by car daily. This means a higher likelihood of injury or death. Negligent driving occurs all of the time, whether drivers are doing so under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or texting.
  • Motorcycle Accidents
    Though motorcycles have their traffic and size advantages, they are also incredibly unsafe. Two wheels cut stability in half, and if a motorcycle driver does fall, injuries can include brain damage and death.
  • Bus Accidents
    Public transportation is a significantly safer alternative to individual driving but it still has its dangers. Busses carry large quantities of people and are heavy themselves. When an accident does occur, more people may be injured than in normal accidents.
  • ATV Accidents
    ATVs afford the ability to travel quickly on back roads and in the swamplands of Louisiana, but similar to motorcycles, leave victims exposed to the elements. Accidents can occur as a result of faulty equipment or by the carelessness of another party.
  • Boat Accidents
    Though it may not appear so, boat accidents occur often. Boat drivers do not have the same turning and braking abilities as automobiles and are subject to the possibility of drowning once emitted from the boat into a lake or the Gulf.
  • Truck Accidents
    The long hours commercial truck drivers work and the long distances they travel subject them to fatigue and less attentive driving. Regulations are put in place to promote alertness and responsibility in truck drivers, but often they fail to meet those regulations, resulting in the injury or death of innocent, neighboring drivers.
  • Uber/Lyft Accidents
    Drivers for ridesharing services are not professional drivers, nor are they necessarily tied to their company if involved in an accident. These drivers are independent contractors, which makes the process of determining liability more intricate than usual. Our team can easily navigate the insurance policies of these companies and find who is responsible for your injuries.

Louisiana Car Accident FAQ

What Should I do After a Car Accident?

If you believe the accident was even partially another party’s fault, you should contact an injury attorney as soon as possible. We can help cover your financial burdens while your personal injury case is pending, ensuring that you don’t pay us anything until your case is closed.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After a Car Accident?

The statute of limitations to file a case after a car accident is one year after the date of the incident. However, you shouldn't let time discourage you from calling a lawyer. If you were recently in an accident, getting help as soon as possible is in the best interest of your case. If you think it's too late to file a lawsuit, you should still call our Louisiana car crash lawyers for a free consultation. We'll listen to the details of your case and help you decide what's possible.

What Can I Recover with a Louisiana Car Accident Lawsuit?

Especially if you were injured, you may experience an overwhelming amount of uncertainties. Not only is your vehicle damaged, but your physical mobility may even be called into question, which may lead to an inability to work. This is something of a double-edged sword; as your medical bills are piling up, you have lost the ability to work to pay for them. We at Arnold & Itkin are here to help with these exact problems. Our team fights for the compensation that clients need to move forward after an accident. Whether you have a serious spinal cord injury or are suffering from other types of injuries, we're prepared to fight for the justice you deserve. No one should have to suffer because of the negligence of another party—we fight to make sure people don't have to.


A Louisiana car accident lawyer from Arnold & Itkin LLP will focus on helping you recover all losses associated with a car accident. Common things people deserve compensation for after a crash include medical bills, lost wages, the cost of future care, and any pain and suffering they went through. In some instances, a person’s life will never be the same after a car accident. Our attorneys fight to make sure a person has the finances they need to live as comfortable of a life post-accident as possible.


Yes. Hiring a car accident lawyer from our firm will cost you nothing up front. We want our clients to focus on recovery instead of their finances. So, we work on something called a contingency fee. In simplest terms, this mean that we cover all costs of a case. If we don’t obtain results for you, you don’t have to pay us a fee. It’s that simple! Besides being less stressful for clients, working this way makes our help available regardless of a person’s financial background.


No, you should speak with a car accident attorney before accepting a settlement offer. In many instances, insurance companies don’t offer the results that a person deserves. Instead, they offer the lowest possible settlement to absolve them of responsibility for as little as possible. Sometimes, insurance companies will even delay or deny claims in the hopes of frustrating people into accepting less than they deserve. Calling us is free and will help you decide if the other side is being fair.

Talk to Our Team of Louisiana Car Accident Attorneys: (888) 493-1629

Arnold & Itkin is a law firm that has seen firsthand the damage and suffering car accident victims face. We take this into consideration for every single one of our clients. We want to be the firm to fight and correct the injustice you are experiencing by providing financial compensation for all related expenses past, present, and future.

Throughout our law firm's history, our Baton Rouge car accident lawyers have been there to help innocent people fight for the financial compensation they deserve. From cases of catastrophic injuries to car wreck survivors to family members dealing with a wrongful death after a fatal car accident, we are the firm you can trust.

This commitment to those affected by serious car crashes can be seen by checking out our firm's victories. For example, we represented the family of a young woman who was seven months pregnant when she was injured in a catastrophic ambulance accident. Our client had been on her way to the hospital when the driver of the ambulance, who had a history of poor driving, dropped his RSI device onto the floor. He reached down to grab it, looking away from the road without reducing speed. The ambulance crashed into the back of a sugar cane truck, and our client sustained brain and spinal cord injuries. These are injuries she will deal with for the rest of her life.

Our firm took on the case and fought for this young woman and her family, including her two daughters. In the end, we were able to help her win a $117 million verdict. This set the record for the largest single-event personal injury verdict in Louisiana history.

If you or someone you love has been affected in a serious car accident, regardless of whether it was caused by a drunk driver, a faulty piece of the vehicle, or other, we encourage you to contact us immediately. You can tell us what happened to you during a free consultation so that we can help talk through your legal options.

All you need to do is give us a call at (888) 493-1629 or fill out our online form. We're here to help.

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  • $97 Million Massive Settlement Secured for Refinery Workers Arnold & Itkin is proud to share that after months of preparation for trial, our firm was able to secure a huge settlement for clients who were injured in a refinery fire. Find out more now.
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