At our personal injury law firm, we handle claims for a wide variety of situations. While there may not seem to be much common ground between them, our firm sees one important common element: a person’s need for justice. And when a person needs justice, they need a plaintiff’s attorney.

Around the nation, hundreds of thousands of workers head into faulty, outdated, and dangerous refineries and chemical plants. When things go wrong, our industrial accident law firm is the one that workers turn to for justice and relief.

U.S. News’ Best Law Firms named us among the best maritime law firms in the nation—and the absolute best in Houston. Don’t just take their word for it, either. The legal team from our firm represented thousands of victims of offshore disasters, including 27 crew members aboard the Deepwater Horizon.

Catastrophic injuries are life-altering by definition. When facing a lifetime of medical expenses and pain, clients turn to us. They know we’ve handled these cases before—and we know how to hold wrongdoers accountable.

We’re one of the leading drug injury law firms in the nation, with record-setting verdicts for dangerous drugs nationwide. You deserved to get better, not worse. Call our team today for the answers you need, and visit our drug injury pages to learn about cases we have experience handling.

Arnold & Itkin was the premier advocate for victims of the largest oil rig explosion in U.S. history. Our knowledge, experience, and compassion has been invaluable for thousands of workers in the last few years.

Arnold & Itkin understands that car accidents are traumatic events, with consequences far worse than insurance companies will admit. Our firm forces insurance companies to pay our clients what they truly deserve for their pain.

We've not only secured incredible results on behalf of clients injured by dangerous products—we’re instrumental in ensuring events like those never happen again. Learn about our experience with dangerous products.

Industrial injuries are often overlooked by companies looking to make a quick profit. We're a finely-tuned machine when it comes to fighting industrial companies for injured workers. Turn to us when your employer fails you.

The US is in the middle of an oil renaissance, but without accountability, thousands of workers are at risk for life-altering injuries. Our lawyers represent workers in every major oil basin in the United States, helping them get their lives back to normal after tragic oilfield accidents.

Train accidents are relatively rare…but they are almost always devastating. Investigating them requires a great deal of experience, resources, and commitment to getting answers. Our firm has all three in vast amounts.

Trucks travel faster than freight trains and can weigh just as much. Our firm has fought for countless drivers and families whose lives were destroyed by a negligent driver or trucking company. Count on us today.

Flight accidents are among the worst and most complex disasters a person or family can experience. Our team knows how to get the answers you need—and how to use those answers to get justice. Visit our aviation accidents page to learn about our investigation process and how we can help you.

Businesses can suffer injuries just like people can. Unlike accidents, however, business injuries are caused by breaches of contract, unethical behavior, and fraud. Our record-setting commercial litigation work has saved the livelihoods and financial security of countless clients. Turn to us today.

Insurance claims are the backbone of an injured person’s relief. When your own insurance company betrays you by denying your claim, our team holds them accountable for their bad faith and your unethical treatment.

Arnold & Itkin has fought for countless families who’ve lost the use of their land, their water, and their inheritance because local corporations couldn’t be bothered to obey the law. Our firm fights against environmentally reckless policies while securing money to remediate our clients’ property.