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The Importance of Seeking Compensation After Catastrophic Texas Vehicle Accidents

Boat, car, and truck crashes affect people in ways we can't predict. All we can predict is that you'll need support to survive while you get better. Otherwise, you may be forced to work while injured—and you'll pay for that decision sooner or later. Some people don’t have that option at all. The best way to secure your future is to hold reckless drivers (and insurance companies) accountable for their behavior. That's what our motor vehicle accident attorneys are here for.

A car accident claim can help you get compensation for losses such as:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Occupational therapy
  • Wages lost due to medical treatment
  • Future earnings lost due to disability
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Loss of comfort or companionship
  • Disfigurement or scarring

We have secured more than $10 billion for people who were severely harmed by the negligence of others. Our experience with collisions equips our law firm to identify the best avenue for obtaining a settlement or jury award for your injuries. In the case of long-term injuries, we work with economic experts to ensure that your compensation will give you financial security for decades to come. We spare no expense, use every resource, and make every effort to rebuild your life. No matter what.

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No Matter How Tough
the Fight.

Insurance companies have a duty to give car accident victims the money they need to rebuild their lives. At-fault commercial drivers who cause car accidents have the same duty. Unfortunately, those companies don’t do the right thing unless somebody forces them to. That’s our job. Our firm has taken on the biggest companies in the world, holding them accountable for hurting regular people on America’s streets and highways. If we take your case, you can trust that we’ll fight our hardest for you. No matter what.

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No Matter What You've
Been Through.

Watch Donna's Story
“They were very helpful in me evolving through this tragedy, basically. The stress that I was under—they made me feel relaxed. I know that if I called them now and I needed something, they would help me get whatever I needed.”
Donna Deason

Talk to any of our previous clients, and you’ll hear the same thing: our clients are family. We spend months listening to their fears, helping them get the medical care that they need to truly recover, and giving them advice on everything they’re facing. Our clients trust us with their lives, which is why every case is personal for us.

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No Matter How Big They Are.

We know the playbook that insurers will use on car accident victims. They’ll delay your case, offer you a low-ball settlement, accuse you of being at-fault, or simply deny your claim outright. You need an attorney who knows how to go toe-to-toe with the biggest insurers in the world and get them to do right by you. We aren’t intimidated by these companies, so you don’t have to be either.

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Our Victories
  • $35.5 Million Settlement Reached for Family Injured in Truck Accident
  • $13 Million Settlement for Man Disabled in Highway Crash
  • $12.4 Million Jury Verdict Won for Worker Hit by UPS Truck
  • $12 Million Massive Settlement Obtained for Truck Driver
  • $10 Million Settlement for Family Affected by Fatal Truck Accident
  • $10 Million Settlement Won Against Negligent Trucking Company
  • $3.2 Million Settlement Reached for Injured Husband & Wife
  • $2.1 Million Settlement Obtained for Truck Accident Victim
  • $2 Million Large Settlement Obtained for Grieving Family
  • $1.6 Million Large Settlement Reached for Victim of Severe Truck Accident
  • $1.5 Million Big Rig Accident Victim Received Jury Verdict
  • $1.5 Million Jury Verdict Ruled in Favor of Longshoreman

No Matter Who You Ask.

We’ve consistently received the legal industry’s highest honors. We’re proud of these accolades and deeply grateful to the clients who put their trust in us.

  • Inner Circle of Advocates
  • Best Lawyers in America
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Top 50 Jury Verdicts
  • Best Law Firms 2020
  • Best Law Firms 2021
  • Best Law Firms 2022
  • Best Law Firms 2023
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No Matter How Big the

  • Kurt Arnold
    “We take the cases we must win because it’s the right thing—the ones we have to win. Even if it’s hard. Especially if it’s hard.
    Kurt Arnold Founding Partner
    Meet Kurt
  • Jason Itkin
    “People call me when something terrible has happened and they need help. It is personal to my clients, so it is personal to me. We have to win—no matter what.”
    Jason Itkin Founding Partner
    Meet Jason

We win because we put
in the work, no matter what.

When we take a case, we don’t go halfway. Our team pours everything we have—resources, time, creativity—into getting our clients what they need. We thrive on the late nights, the hours of prep, and the pressure of trial. It’s how we’ve beaten opponents who were better funded or had bigger numbers. We put in the work. No matter what.

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No Matter How Big the
News Story.

When a tragedy becomes a headline, people call us. It’s why we represented a third of the Deepwater Horizon crew, numerous survivors of the Geismar plant explosion, and widows of the sinking of the El Faro. It’s why victims of 18-wheeler accidents or massive pileups call us before they’re even released from the hospital. We’ve been there for our clients on their worst day, no matter what they’re facing. Injured people choose us because we fight hard no matter what, even when the eyes of the nation are on us.

Featured In

  • CNN
  • Forbes
  • ABC
  • Wall Street Journal
  • CBS
  • USA Today
  • Reuters
  • NBC News
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No Matter What Questions

No Matter the Situation.

It might feel like you’ve been fighting to recover from your car accident all by yourself. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our team has represented people nationwide, securing more than $10 billion in recoveries for our clients. In one case, we fought for a young mother who suffered paralysis and brain damage in an ambulance accident. Today, she has the care she needs—and her daughters have the money required for lifelong security. We fight for every client’s life with everything we have. No matter what.

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