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$20 Billion Won by Our Texas Truck Accident Law Firm

From 18-wheeler crashes in Houston to oil truck accidents in West Texas to delivery truck accidents nationwide, our Texas big rig accident lawyers have seen it all. Coast to coast, these behemoths of the road haul the goods we need to survive. However, our reliance on large trucks has a caveat: they’re dangerous. When a semi-truck crashes, these accidents are severe and often fatal for the occupants of other vehicles.

Commercial vehicles are large, heavy, and incredibly difficult to stop.

We've helped victims of truck accidents who crossed onto the wrong side of the road. We've helped a mother whose ambulance ran into the back of a sugar cane truck in Louisiana. Nearly every day, our firm is called to help people involved in serious truck accident cases. At Arnold & Itkin, we know cases involving Houston truck wrecks are complex. We work on them every day. Truck carriers and insurance companies will do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility. Because of this, you need Texas big rig accident attorneys who know how to win and will fight aggressively for your rights.

We’re Who You Call After a Serious Truck Accident in Houston

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  • $35.5 Million

    Settlement Reached for Family Injured in Truck Accident

  • $12 Million

    Massive Settlement Obtained for Truck Driver

  • $10 Million

    Fatal Trucking Case Settled in Less Than 6 Months

  • $10 Million

    Settlement for Family Affected by Fatal Truck Accident

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No Matter How Tough the Fight

At Arnold & Itkin, we’ve taken on large insurance companies, truck operators, and insurers who are responsible for taking care of those hurt in truck accidents. We've done this in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, South Texas, West Texas, Louisiana, and nationwide. We’re committed to helping the people in truck accidents because we have seen how just one 18-wheeler accident can destroy so many lives. We take every case personally because the results we get shape our clients’ lives forever. While nothing can change what happened to you, we’ll do everything we can to help you recover. 

When someone isn’t being treated fairly after a truck accident—whether by an insurance company or the driver’s employer—our Houston truck accident law firm is ready to help. 

As experienced Texas truck accident lawyers, we know there’s always more to the story, especially when the other side has only excuses. We’ve won more than $20 billion by never settling for less than clients deserve and refusing to let them get bullied. 

We take an aggressive approach to truck accident claims we handle. This means we treat every single case as headed to trial. This helps give us a strong position at the negotiating table and allows us to be ready at a moment's notice to head into court and advocate on their behalf. We fight this hard because you deserve fair compensation. 

No matter what.

Hear Our Clients' Stories

  • “I told him, “Kurt you’re my hero. You’re my knight in shining armor.” Because that’s how I feel toward him. He’s there to protect me, and I feel so safe. They are driven. They are aggressive. They will not quit for you. They will not give up for you. That’s what makes them special.”
    Mildred Solar Cortes El Faro Widow
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  • “They’re unstoppable! They definitely have the experience you need. They're fighting for these little people that can’t handle themselves when a giant comes. Almost like the David and Goliath. It’s an amazing thing to see.”
    Shawn Thomas Workplace Explosion Victim
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  • “I really feel like Arnold & Itkin brought justice to my family. Not only my family but many other families. It was just unreal how tirelessly they worked. Our trial lasted around 10 days. Every night, they were working ‘til way after midnight. There were a couple nights they never even slept. It was just amazing to me and my family.”
    Terry Yount Father of Drug Injury Victim
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We've consistently received the legal industry's highest honors, won the nation's largest results, and been repeatedly featured in both local and national news publications. We're proud of these honors and deeply grateful to the clients who continually put their trust in our team.

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Common Questions

  • Why Hire a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer?

    A Houston truck accident attorney can look out for your future after a crash with a big rig, semi-truck, 18-wheeler, or tractor-trailer. If you haven’t already, you will quickly learn that insurance and trucking companies won’t be interested in helping you after a truck accident. These large corporations are fighting to protect their bottom lines, and they will often offer low settlements or try to deny your claim altogether. Hiring the best Houston 18-wheeler accident attorney allows you to meet this challenge. Your compensation will affect your ability to heal and your quality of life. Don’t risk getting less than you need.
  • How Do I Find a Good Houston Truck Accident Lawyer?

    If you’re looking for a good truck accident lawyer, you can start by talking to friends, family, and coworkers to gather recommendations. You can also look online to do your own research. When you find them, make sure you look into their experience, their results, and how they can help you with your case. Not all Houston truck accident attorneys are created equally. You deserve representation from the best after a semi accident, which means finding a lawyer who has a record of success when it comes to trucking accidents. You deserve an attorney who isn’t afraid to take your case to trial to fight for fair compensation. Arnold & Itkin has recovered billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. We never settle for less than our clients deserve.
  • What Should I Do After a Texas 18-Wheeler Accident?

    Focusing on healing is the most important thing after a Texas semi accident. If your injuries are severe enough to require immediate medical attention, that should be your first step. However, there are a few steps you can take at the scene of the accident to help your claim. First, contact law enforcement so they can complete an accident report. Keep a copy of the hospital’s records regarding your injuries. Gather information from the other driver and witnesses. Get a repair estimate for the damage to your vehicle. Finally, have a doctor examine you regularly after being discharged from the hospital.

  • Is It Worth Getting a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer?

    Trucks are large and heavy, often causing devastating damage. After being in a wreck with them, it’s in your best interest to find an accident attorney to look out for your best rights. Not only to fight for you in a trial but also to ensure the other side offers fair offers at the negotiation table. Our Houston trucking injury lawyers are focused on ensuring a person has the compensation they need to live as comfortably as possible after being harmed in an accident. We’ll fight to win compensation for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and anything else our client needs to recover.
  • How Long Does an 18-Wheeler Lawsuit Take?

    Every big rig accident case will be different, so how long your case will take will depend on unique factors. If you have questions about how long you can expect a truck accident lawsuit to take, the best thing you can do is contact a Texas truck accident law firm to discuss your situation. By calling Arnold & Itkin, we can investigate the accident, determine liability, and then get to work preparing your case for trial. We work as quickly as possible to get our clients on the road to recovery with the best possible results.
  • How Are 18-Wheeler Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

    Cases involving Texas truck accidents are more complicated than those with smaller passenger vehicles. The damage done from these massive vehicles is more significant, there are more potentially responsible parties involved, and the stakes are higher. You need to hire a Houston big rig injury attorney who knows the applicable laws and regulations and who is comfortable handling these kinds of cases.

  • When Should You Call a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?

    You need to call a lawyer immediately after an accident with a semi. In these cases, you often face massive trucking companies and their insurance companies. They only have one goal in mind: limit liability and reduce how much they have to pay out of pocket. You need to have an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side to look out for you. Ensuring that someone is leveling the playing field and protecting your rights so that you can get the results you need to move forward with your life.

  • How Common Are Fatal Truck Accidents?

    According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were 3,602 deaths in all collisions involving large trucks in 2013. That was a little more than 10% of all fatalities in vehicle collisions in the U.S. Of these deaths, over 82% were the deaths of people who were not occupants of the large truck. Other statistics reveal that 98% of accidents involving a semi-truck resulted in at least 1 fatality. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration notes that 55% of the time, the critical failure that led to a crash was on the part of large trucks. Of these instances, the driver was directly responsible 87% of the time, and the vehicle was responsible an additional 10% of the time.

  • What Are Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

    Truck accidents can occur for various reasons, including driver fatigue from long hours on the road, distracted driving, speeding, and reckless or impaired driving. Inadequate training for handling large vehicles, poor vehicle maintenance, and improperly loaded cargo also contribute to accidents by affecting the truck's stability and control. Additionally, adverse weather conditions, equipment failures, and challenging road conditions, such as potholes and construction zones, play significant roles.

  • What Is the Statute of Limitations for a Truck Accident Case in Texas?

    In Texas, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case, including those resulting from truck accidents, is generally two years from the date of the accident. This means individuals have two years from the day of the incident to initiate a lawsuit in court against the parties responsible for their injuries.
  • How Does Failing to Properly Maintain Trucks Lead to Accidents?

    Negligent truck maintenance significantly contributes to accidents by compromising the vehicle's safety and operational integrity. When trucks are not regularly inspected or maintained, critical components such as brakes, tires, lights, and steering mechanisms can fail, leading to catastrophic outcomes. For example, worn or improperly inflated tires can burst, causing the driver to lose control, while faulty brakes may not function adequately in an emergency stop situation. Additionally, malfunctioning lights can reduce visibility and communication with other road users, increasing the likelihood of collisions. Such negligence not only endangers the truck driver but also poses a significant risk to other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Regular and thorough maintenance is essential to ensure trucks are safe.
  • Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident?

    Determining liability in a truck accident can be complex, as multiple parties may be at fault. The truck driver could be liable for negligent behavior like distracted driving or fatigue. The trucking company might be responsible if it failed to enforce safety regulations or pushed drivers beyond legal hours. Additionally, manufacturers could be held accountable for defective truck parts, while maintenance providers might be liable for improper servicing. Cargo loaders may also face responsibility for accidents caused by improperly secured or overloaded cargo. Identifying all liable parties is crucial, often requiring thorough investigation and legal experience to navigate the multifaceted nature of truck accident claims.

  • What Damages Are Available in a Texas Truck Accident Case?

    In a truck accident claim, you may be eligible to recover compensation to address economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include tangible losses such as medical expenses, lost wages from time off work, loss of earning capacity if you're unable to return to the same level of work, and repair or replacement costs for any property damage. Non-economic damages cover less tangible losses like pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium for impacted relationships. In some cases, if the defendant's actions were particularly egregious, punitive damages might also be awarded to punish the wrongdoer and deter similar conduct in the future.
  • Where Do You Handle Truck Accident Cases?

    We handle cases nationwide, with our offices in Houston, Dallas, Midland, and Baton Rouge. Our help extends to clients in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and beyond, including in cities like Austin, Corpus Christi, Ft. Worth, San Angelo, and Tyler. To learn more if we can help you, we encourage you to call today!

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