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Houston Garbage Truck Accident Lawyers

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Specially designed to collect waste from residential and commercial properties and transport it to treatment facilities, garbage trucks are a common site throughout Houston. Sharing the road with these noisy, immense vehicles can be unnerving—to say the least. At times, it can be dangerous or even deadly.

A collision with a garbage truck is likely to leave occupants of the other vehicle or non-occupants (such as pedestrians or cyclists) with catastrophic injuries that forever change their lives. Some garbage truck accident victims lose their lives. When this happens, victims and their families need a law firm they can turn to for compassionate support and powerful legal counsel. That’s Arnold & Itkin.

We believe in fighting for people in all walks of life who have suffered harm through no fault of their own. To find out how we can help you, call (888) 493-1629.

Types of Garbage Trucks

The technical name for a garbage truck is a waste collection vehicle or a refuse collection vehicle (RCV). There are different types of trucks, depending on the type of waste they collect.

Our attorneys represent victims of Houston garbage truck accidents involving:

  • Front, side, and rear loader garbage trucks
  • Compost trucks
  • Recycling trucks
  • Hazardous waste trucks
  • Roll off garbage trucks

These vehicles are enormous and difficult to maneuver. They have large blind spots and require experienced drivers to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. If a driver is negligent or careless, or a waste disposal company fails to properly maintain or inspect its trucks, other people may pay the ultimate price. Our firm is committed to helping these people get the guidance, care, and support they need. We handle garbage truck accident cases for clients in Houston and throughout the country—stopping at nothing to see justice served.

Houston Garbage Truck Accident FAQ

How much does a garbage truck weigh?

Depending on the type of truck and the weight of its load, a garbage truck may weigh tens of thousands of pounds. Your standard side loader trash truck can carry 30,000 pounds of waste, and a commercial roll off truck can carry about 20,000 pounds. A collision with a vehicle and load of this magnitude can easily spell disaster—most often for the occupants of other vehicles, not the driver of the garbage truck.

What should I do if I was injured in an accident with a garbage truck in the Houston area?

If you were driving, walking, or cycling in the Houston area and you were hit by a garbage truck, you should first seek medical attention. If you’re not taken to the emergency room right away, exchange information with the other driver and take pictures of the scene if you can. Then see your doctor or visit your local urgent care center or emergency room to get a medical evaluation and whatever treatment you need.

Once you’ve seen a doctor, take this opportunity to talk to an attorney about your rights. You may be facing thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost earnings. You may be dealing with significant emotional trauma. An attorney who has experience with Houston garbage truck accident cases can handle your claim and all communication with the insurance company so you don’t have to.

The right attorney can pursue the compensation you need to rebuild and move on with your life.

What causes garbage truck accidents?

Most garbage truck collisions can be traced to the negligent or illegal conduct of a driver. This may be the driver of the truck or another motorist and may include drunk driving, driving while distracted, speeding, or violating a traffic law. Other garbage truck accidents may be caused by fatigued or overworked truck drivers, negligently maintained trucks, defective truck or auto parts, or dangerous roads. Finding out what caused your collision can help our attorneys build a strong case that helps you recover the compensation you deserve.

Helping Victims of Garbage Truck Crashes in Houston

After a serious accident, it may seem as though no one is on your side. You may have trouble getting the insurance company to take your claim seriously, instead of facing delays or an unfairly low settlement offer that doesn’t cover all of your expenses. Do not lose hope. There is a team of lawyers ready to fight in your corner—a team that has a proven record of winning in the most complex and difficult cases. At Arnold & Itkin, we’re here to alleviate the burden you’re experiencing. Our Houston garbage truck accident attorneys are here to protect your rights like no one else can, because we have the experience and resources to go against any opponent.

It’s time someone put your interests first. Contact our team today to find out what we can do to help you.

Case Results

Check Out Our Victories

  • $12Million Massive Settlement Obtained for Truck Driver Arnold & Itkin is proud to announce that our firm has secured a $12 million settlement on behalf a truck driver who was crushed by his own cargo—which then led directly to a stroke. The driver, who was 56 years old at the time, now requires costly around-the-clock care to carry out basic tasks. The defendants argued that the stroke was his fault—but Cory Itkin was able to counter their arguments enough to compel them to settle. Our client has received everything he needs for a stable future.
  • $10Million Settlement Won for Family Against Negligent Trucking Company Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, and Ces Tavares represented a family who had lost their father in a tragic 18-wheeler accident. He was driving home when a trucker made a dangerous maneuver and caused a massive collision. The trucking company ultimately settled for $10 million.
  • $10Million Settlement Obtained for Family Affected by Fatal Vehicle Accident Our firm represented the family of two people who were killed after their vehicle was hit by an 18-wheeler running a red light. We were successful in reaching an eight figure settlement on their behalf.
  • $3.2Million Settlement Reached for Injured Husband & Wife Attorney Cory Itkin represented a husband and wife who were injured after being hit by two semi-trucks. The wife sustained back injures while the husband was knocked unconscious; he needed several surgeries. Our firm was successful in reaching a settlement of $3.2 million for the couple.
  • $2.1Million Settlement Obtained for Truck Accident Victim Arnold & Itkin LLP secured a multimillion-dollar settlement for a man who suffered severe neck and back injuries in a truck accident. Our firm aggressively pursued the case until the defendant settled with our client days before trial.
  • $2Million Large Settlement Obtained for Grieving Family Arnold & Itkin is proud to have secured a massive settlement for a family who lost their loved one due to the negligence and reckless action of a commercial vehicle driver. Our work will allow our clients to live in financial stability while they grieve and heal from this tragedy.
  • $1.6Million Large Settlement Reached for Victim of Severe Truck Accident Truck accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin secured a sizable settlement for a client who was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler on the highway. Her injuries required multiple surgeries, but the defendants refused to take responsibility. Her $1.6 million settlement will get her the medical care and financial support she needs.
  • $1.5Million Big Rig Accident Victim Received Jury Verdict Arnold & Itkin LLP obtained a $1.5 million verdict on behalf of a client who suffered a torn meniscus when he was bumped by a tractor trailer. We are especially pleased with this result because the defendants accepted no responsibility for the injury and only offered to settle for $5000.
  • $1.5Million Jury Verdict Ruled in Favor of Longshoreman Arnold & Itkin obtained a $1.55 million verdict on behalf of a client who was seriously injured when a yard mule driver collided with the pickup truck in which he was standing. The defendants only offered to settle for $35,000 while denying the existence of an injury at all.
  • $1.49Million Settlement for Man Struck by a Truck Our firm helped represent a client who was severely injured after he was struck by a truck. We helped recover $1.49 million on his behalf.
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