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Throughout the United States, the "legal limit" is 0.08%. This means anyone who drives a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is subject to criminal consequences, especially due to the risk of causing severe, fatal harm to others. The result of a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver is almost always catastrophic. These cases are taken extremely seriously all across the nation. If a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs injures a person, they deserve to be compensated.

Claims for accidents caused by a drunk driver can be difficult without a DWI accident lawyer. An attorney will be able to provide the victim or the victim's family with the information they need, take advantage of all available resources, and investigate the accident itself. Additionally, they will be able to take your case to court if the drunk driver's insurance provider fails to comply with the settlement requested by your attorney.

Leading Cause of Death on Texas Roads: Drunk Driving Statistics

Did you know that the leading cause of death on Texas roadways in 2009 was drunk driving? These types of accidents are entirely avoidable, which makes them all the more tragic. Unfortunately, drunk driving is not a rare occurrence, as you can see in the below facts.

  • Over 1.2 million drivers were arrested in 2011 for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  • Males were more likely than females (15.1 vs. 7.9%) to drive drunk.
  • The rate of drunk driving is highest among 21 to 25-year-old individuals (23.4%).
  • About 1/3 of all drivers arrested or convicted of drunk driving are repeat offenders.
  • Almost 50% of drivers killed in crashes who tested positive for drugs also had alcohol in their system.
  • In 2011, 226 children were killed in drunk driving crashes. Of those, 122 (54%) were riding with the drunk driver.
  • For 2011 in Texas, of the 3,016 traffic fatalities, 1,397 were alcohol-related (46%).
  • Of these, the drivers had a blood alcohol content of over 0.08%, the legal limit.

Helping Drunk Driving Accident Victims Fight for Fair Compensation

Those responsible for these types of accidents will likely be arrested for DUI. Aside from criminal liability, the driver may be civilly liable as well. What this means is that a DUI conviction does not necessarily benefit the victims of the accident. This is why victims can take additional actions against a drunk driver by seeking the help of an attorney. According to a 2011 study, almost half of all drivers who are killed in vehicle collisions tested positive for drugs or alcohol. A third of those who are involved in DUI-related crashes are repeat offenders. The worse the acts of negligence are, the more compensation that our firm will pursue on behalf of drunk driving accident victims.

For example, a case can rest upon factors such as the following:

  • What was the blood alcohol content at the time of the accident?
  • Did the driver have any prior offenses?
  • Were there any children in the vehicle at the time?

Drunk Driving & Dram Shop Laws

More commonly referred to as a bar or tavern, the dram shop that sold the drunk driver the liquor may also be held accountable. Texas Dram Shop laws are also important when it comes to drunk driving accidents. These are the laws that forbid bartenders and wait staff from serving alcohol unless the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission certifies them. With requirements varying by state, dram shops are also required to refuse service to individuals who they believe are intoxicated and/or who could pose a risk to themselves or others.

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Statistics also indicate that one out of every three people in the U.S. will be involved in a drunk driving accident at least once in their lifetimes. If you or someone you know was injured, you may have the option to file a claim for your medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, and more. We at Arnold & Itkin can help you learn your rights and options in a free consultation. We also charge no fees unless we win your case.

To learn more about motor vehicle accidents caused by a drunk or negligent driver, call our office today.

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