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Jason Itkin

Founding Partner

Jason Itkin's Headshot
Jason Itkin's Headshot

Many people consider Jason Itkin to be the nation’s top trial lawyer. He has won several of the largest jury verdicts in the history of the United States, including an $8 billion record-setting verdict against Johnson & Johnson, an $860 million dollar historic wrongful death verdict, a $222 million dollar record-breaking verdict in Texas, $117 million record-setting verdict in Louisiana, a $76.6 million verdict in Pennsylvania, and $42 million record-setting verdict in Hawaii. In the last 12 months alone, Jason has won more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for his clients.

“People call me when something terrible has happened and they need help. It is personal to my clients, so it is personal to me. We have to win—no matter what.”



Jason Itkin is one of the nation’s top lawyers. He is known nationwide for winning record-setting verdicts and settlements. Jason is one of only four lawyers in the country who have won a billion-dollar verdict for a single person. He has won several victories in excess of $100 million, dozens of verdicts and settlements of more than $10 million, and hundreds of verdicts and settlements for more than $1 million. In the last year alone, Jason has won more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for his clients. Jason won these victories in courtrooms across the country—having represented clients in all 50 states.

Jason has won billions of dollars for his clients.

Jason’s results have led him to receive many awards, including recognition on various lists of Super Lawyers, Top 40 Under 40, and others. While Jason has always been honored to be included on those lists, his greatest honor was being selected as a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates. The Inner Circle’s membership is comprised of the top 100 trial attorneys in the United States. Jason was selected to join the Inner Circle before the age of 40, making him the elite organization’s youngest member.

Jason has been asked to work on the country’s highest-profile cases. If the case is in the news, Jason has likely been asked to help. He has won verdicts for children in trials against major pharmaceutical companies. Jason successfully represented the families who lost husbands and fathers when the El Faro cargo ship sank in a hurricane. After the Deepwater Horizon explosion, more injured workers trusted Jason over any other lawyer to handle their cases.

Jason works on important cases, even if they don’t grab headlines. In 2016, Jason achieved a $72 million voluntary settlement for a single injured worker. At the time, that victory was the largest pretrial settlement for a single person in Texas history. Less than one year later, Jason broke his own record when he secured an $86 million voluntary settlement for a different client who was suffered devastating injuries while working. Since then, the firm has broken the $86 million dollar record too.

Jason has achieved record-breaking settlements because sophisticated companies realize that their results at trial could be much worse. Last year, Jason tried a case where an insurance company refused to make a fair settlement offer to his client. The company’s short-sighted settlement position changed after Jason finished cross-examining the company’s “star witness.” After the cross-examination, the company fired its long-time lawyer in the middle of trial and the “star witness.” The next day, the company settled the case for nearly double what Jason’s client would have settled for pretrial. The company also formally apologized to Jason’s client.

Results like these are why other law firms frequently ask Jason to work on their cases. More than 200 different law firms have hired Jason as trial counsel. Lawyers across the nation know that having Jason Itkin on their team increases the likelihood of winning a large verdict or settlement.

As an honors graduate from the University of Texas School of Law, Jason was awarded the Dean’s Achievement Award in Professional Responsibility. In college, he studied under the Plan II Honors Program, serving as President of the Silver Spurs, and graduating with special honors.

Jason is married to Kisha Itkin, President of Theorem Vineyards and Theorem Ranch. Together, with their children, the Itkins are active members and proud supporters of the Houston, Napa, and Montana communities. They love giving back to the community both individually and through the Arnold & Itkin Foundation.

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Jason Itkin

“For more than a decade, Kurt and I have been fighting day-in and day-out to help people against giant companies. One of the promises we made to each other was if it was a righteous cause, if it was a case that needed to be taken, it didn’t matter where the case was—we would go and we would do our best to help our clients. That’s what guides us.”
Jason Itkin Founding Partner
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Stories About the Lives That We've Helped

  • “I told him, “Kurt you’re my hero. You’re my knight in shining armor.” Because that’s how I feel toward him. He’s there to protect me, and I feel so safe. They are driven. They are aggressive. They will not quit for you. They will not give up for you. That’s what makes them special.”
    Mildred Solar Cortes El Faro Widow
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  • “They’re unstoppable! They definitely have the experience you need. They're fighting for these little people that can’t handle themselves when a giant comes. Almost like the David and Goliath. It’s an amazing thing to see.”
    Shawn Thomas Workplace Explosion Victim
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  • “I really feel like Arnold & Itkin brought justice to my family. Not only my family but many other families. It was just unreal how tirelessly they worked. Our trial lasted around 10 days. Every night, they were working ‘til way after midnight. There were a couple nights they never even slept. It was just amazing to me and my family.”
    Terry Yount Father of Risperdal Victim
    Play Video Terry Yount
  • “They told me they were pretty much going to handle everything, I wasn’t going to have to worry about anything—which they held up to that.”
    Tinisha Thomas El Faro Widow
    Play Video Tinisha Thomas
  • “Sometimes I would think about the level of stress that I had going through this whole thing, and I think about Arnold & Itkin taking on that stress for me. They picked it up and they ran with it. They have allowed me to close that chapter and feel good about it and move forward without looking back with regrets. I feel great.”
    Denver & Jodie Colter Gas Line Explosion Victims
    Play Video Denver & Jodie Colter
  • “Whatever I needed, they gave it to me, they made sure I had it. Just one call and they were there to do it.”
    Desmond Calloway Pipeline Fire Victim
    Play Video Desmond Calloway
  • “This firm has impacted every aspect of my life, past, present, future. They pulled off some miracles. They stood up for me when nobody else would.”
    Christopher Devall Workplace Explosion Victim
    Play Video Christopher Devall
  • “I felt like family because they were there to listen and hear—not just brush you off because 'you're just a client.' They let me know when I met them that everything was going to be all right.”
    Veronica Sowell Workplace Explosion Victim
    Play Video Veronica Sowell
  • “They were very helpful in me evolving through this tragedy, basically. The stress that I was under—they made me feel relaxed. I know that if I called them now and I needed something, they would help me get whatever I needed.”
    Donna Deason
    Play Video Donna Deason

Jason's Case Results

Check Out His Victories

  • Record-Setting $8 Billion Top 3 Largest Jury Verdict in U.S. History
    Arnold & Itkin tried a case against Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn about a drug’s most damaging side effects: gynecomastia. Our skill, hard work, and dedication resulted in the third-largest ...
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  • Record-Setting $357 Million Largest Workplace Accident Settlement in Texas History
    Arnold & Itkin LLP secured a massive nine-figure settlement against a transnational corporation for a workplace incident. The settlement set a Texas record for being the largest personal injury ...
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  • Record-Setting $222 Million Record-Breaking Verdict for Widow
    Our firm won $222 million for a woman who lost her husband in an industrial accident caused by a faulty valve. We took the case to trial because the at-fault company refused to take responsibility. ...
    Read More
  • $205 Million Confidential Settlement Obtained for Numerous Clients
    Arnold & Itkin reached a record $205,000,000 settlement on behalf of clients after several years of hard-fought litigation. The case settled just before trial was set to begin.
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  • Record-Setting $171 Million One of the Largest Confidential Settlements in History
    Arnold & Itkin worked over the course of several years to represent clients in a case that many other law firms turned down. In the end, we were able to obtain a record-setting confidential settlement ...
    Read More
  • Record-Setting $117 Million Largest Single-Event Personal Injury Verdict in Louisiana History
    Arnold & Itkin represented a pregnant woman who experienced stomach pain and called Acadian Ambulance. The driver of the ambulance drove the ambulance into the back of a sugar cane truck causing the ...
    Read More
  • Record-Setting $110 Million Record Settlement for Victims of Defective Products
    Arnold & Itkin obtained a record settlement for individuals harmed by defective, dangerous products. The result exemplifies our commitment to clients and justice for those seriously injured by the ...
    Read More
  • Record-Setting $105 Million Record Settlement for Dangerous Product Victims
    Arnold & Itkin’s legal team helped represent those harmed by dangerous products. We were successful in recovering a $105 million settlement.
    Read More
  • $98 Million Settlement Reached on Behalf of Families
    Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin secured a $98 million settlement on behalf of several families.
    Read More
  • $97 Million Massive Settlement Secured for Refinery Workers
    Arnold & Itkin is proud to share that after months of preparation for trial, our firm was able to secure a huge settlement for clients who were injured in a refinery fire. Find out more now.
    Read More
  • Record-Setting $92.7 Million Record Settlement for Burn Injury Victim
    Arnold & Itkin LLP secured a substantial settlement for a man who suffered severe burns in an accident at his job. The settlement set a new record statewide for workers with similar injuries.
    Read More
  • $87 Million Confidential Settlement for Worker Who Suffered Life-Threatening Burn Injuries
    Arnold & Itkin was able to secure a multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of a man who was caught in life-threatening flames while performing his work duties. Find out how our firm secured the ...
    Read More
  • $78 Million Massive Settlement for Severely Injured Client
    Our firm helped reach a $78 million settlement for a severely injured client.
    Read More
  • Breaking News $76.6 Million Verdict Won Against Johnson & Johnson
    We represented a young man who grew female breasts from taking Risperdal as a boy before the drug was approved for use by children. Johnson & Johnson was aware their drug caused abnormal breast ...
    Read More
  • Record Victory $72 Million Record Victory for Severely Injured Worker
    Arnold & Itkin has achieved a record settlement for a worker who was injured in a severe oilfield accident less than 2 years after the incident. His accident was a result of negligence from multiple ...
    Read More
  • Record-Setting $41 Million The Largest Commercial Litigation Verdict in Hawaii
    Our client was a Houston-based investor who was cut out of a deal to acquire Honsador Lumber Corporation, one of Hawaii’s largest lumber suppliers. The jury found Key Principal Partners LLC and its ...
    Read More
  • Record-Setting $29 Million The Largest Known Settlement for a Wrongful Death Offshore
    Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, and Cory Itkin successfully secured a record settlement for a single family who tragically lost a loved one. It is the largest known settlement for a death that occurred ...
    Read More
  • $28 Million Massive Confidential Settlement Obtained
    Arnold & Itkin is thrilled to announce that we have secured a massive settlement for our clients.
    Read More
  • $25 Million Settlement Reached for Widow of Railroad Worker
    Our firm represented a widow after her husband was killed in a workplace accident caused by equipment failure. We successfully recovered a $25 million settlement on our client’s behalf.
    Read More
  • Confidential Settlement Reached for Catastrophically Injured Worker
    Arnold & Itkin’s work injury lawyers fought on behalf of a young man who suffered catastrophic brain injuries due to the negligence of his employer.
    Read More
  • $17.25 Million Settlement Reached for Man Injured in Flash Fire
    Our attorneys reached a $17.25 million settlement on behalf of a man who suffered catastrophic burn injuries in a flash fire at a Tijuana, Mexico plant.
    Read More
  • Confidential Settlement Secured for Man Injured by Defective Product
    Our product liability lawyers achieved a settlement on behalf of a young man who was injured due to a dangerously defective product.
    Read More
  • $17 Million Settlement Reached for Victim of Oil Well Blowout
    Our oilfield injury lawyers represented the victim of an oil well blowout, recovering $17M on his behalf.
    Read More
  • $14 Million Jones Act Settlement Reached Two Days Before Trial
    Arnold & Itkin represented a seaman after he suffered a head injury on the Hercules 15 inland barge. Hercules employees tack welded a three foot pipe to the derrick and then forgot to remove it before ...
    Read More
  • $13.8 Million Record-Setting Settlement Reached After 16 Months
    Arnold & Itkin worked quickly to make sure our client received the compensation he needed after suffering from the negligence of the company he worked for.
    Read More
  • $13.8 Million Settlement for Contractor with Neck & Back Injuries
    When our client suffered from neck and back injuries as he tried to escape a plant fire, he turned to Arnold & Itkin for help. We obtained a record-setting settlement to help him receive the financial ...
    Read More
  • $13.8 Million Settlement for Worker Injured During Plant Explosion
    Our dedication to results for clients helped us earn a significant and record-setting settlement for a client suffering from back injuries caused by a plant explosion.
    Read More
  • $13.8 Million Settlement for Contractor Injured During Plant Turnaround
    Our firm held a company accountable for failing to provide the safe environment required for a dangerous turnaround.
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  • $13.8 Million Settlement for Injured Refinery Worker
    Arnold & Itkin took just 16 months to obtain a record settlement on behalf of a refinery worker who sustained serious injuries while on the job.
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  • $13.8 Million 8-Figure Settlement for a Contractor Injured in a Plant Fire
    Arnold & Itkin LLP attorneys secured a $13.8 million settlement for a contractor who was injured while trying to escape a plant fire. He injured his neck and knee while attempting to save himself from ...
    Read More
  • $13.7 Million Massive Settlement Won Only Months After Injury
    Arnold & Itkin represented a plant worker who was seriously injured in an accident on the job. Plant injuries are often complex, taking years to fully investigate and litigate. Fortunately, our firm’s ...
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  • $13 Million Settlement for Man Disabled in Highway Crash
    Arnold & Itkin secured a $13 million settlement for a client who was left disabled after a serious traffic accident.
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  • $12.75 Million Settlement Won for Worker Who Suffered Serious Harm
    Sometimes accidents keep people from working. When that happens, they need more than medical care—they need financial security. Arnold & Itkin represented a worker who was seriously injured in an ...
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  • $12.7 Million Secured for Contractor Injured During Plant Fire
    Our team fought for the fair settlement our client needed after sustaining serious back and shoulder injuries as he tried to escape from a plant fire.
    Read More
  • $12.7 Million Plant Explosion Victim Now Taken Care of for Life
    Arnold & Itkin LLP successfully obtained a $12.7 million settlement for the victim of a plant explosion. His settlement was large enough to set a state record among plaintiffs with similar injuries.
    Read More
  • $12.7 Million Plant Worker Gets Record-Setting Result for Work Injuries
    Arnold & Itkin LLP obtained a record-setting eight-figure settlement for our client, who was injured in a plant explosion. His settlement ensures that he and his family are now taken care of for life.
    Read More
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