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Brittany Clark


Brittany Clark's Headshot
Brittany Clark's Headshot
Brittany Clark has represented tens of thousands of people against the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies. She is a seasoned trial litigator, a relentless force of advocacy, and a genuinely compassionate attorney. Brittany joins Arnold & Itkin in our ongoing fight to get our clients what they need after suffering from unsafe drugs and negligent corporate policy.
“When companies put profits over people, they need to be held accountable. At Arnold & Itkin, we stand up to those companies and stand with our clients to ensure their rights are protected. We believe that everyone deserves to have someone fight for them, and we take pride in the results we get for the people we help.



Brittany Clark believes firmly in the power of community and dedicating oneself to the service of others. While growing up outside of Fort Worth, Texas, Brittany regularly volunteered to spend time with the elderly while organizing fundraisers to meet the needs of her community. While attending Baylor University to earn a business degree (2006), Brittany continued to commit herself to helping those around her. She volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, the Waco Family Abuse Center, and Best Buddies.

Following her graduation from Baylor, Brittany attended the Thurgood Marshall School of Law, where she graduated cum laude in 2009. Brittany’s experience representing plaintiffs began immediately after law school when her practice focused on personal injury and wrongful death matters that occurred as a result of catastrophic car wrecks, 18-wheeler accidents, train wrecks, and premise liability issues.

In 2011, she began to educate herself on defective pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. She ended up developing this area of practice into her passion. When it comes to going against large corporations for their defective products, injured people need an advocate more than ever. She’d found a new way to serve.

Brittany has since represented and continues to represent tens of thousands of plaintiffs against multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporations. She works closely with her clients and their families throughout the litigation process to fully understand each client’s needs, as well as fulfill the legal needs of each client’s case. At Arnold & Itkin, she fights for the victims of pharmaceutical negligence in Texas and nationwide.

Our Clients Are More Than Cases

Stories About the Lives That We've Helped

  • “What I feel is that he never considered me as a number, never looked at me as a number. He looked at me as a person, as an individual who needs help, who needs guidance.” - Mildred Solar Cortes
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  • “You can tell they care, you know, the way they handle you, the way they talk to you, things they are concerned about: your family, your needs. It was awesome.” - Shawn Thomas
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  • “I really feel like Arnold & Itkin brought justice to my family. Not only my family but many other families. It was just unreal how tirelessly they worked.” - Terry Yount
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  • “They told me they were pretty much going to handle everything, I wasn’t going to have to worry about anything—which they held up to that. Just knowing that they were going to do everything that they could to make sure that they find out the truth, to make sure we were taken care of for life.” - Tinisha Thomas
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  • “The people at Arnold & Itkin are great because anytime that I called or needed anything, it wasn’t a hesitation. Whatever I needed, they gave it to me, they made sure I had it. Just one call, and they were there to do it.” - Desmond Calloway
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  • “This firm has impacted every aspect of my life, past, present, future. They pulled off some miracles. They stood up for me when nobody else would.” - Christopher Devall
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  • “I felt like family because they were there to listen and hear—not just brush you off because 'you're just a client.' They let me know when I met them that everything was going to be all right.” - Veronica Sowell
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