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The Opportunity to Work on Life-Changing Cases

Most people pursue a legal career because they want to make a difference in society. Unfortunately, it is becoming more rare for lawyers, paralegals, and other people to use their skills, creativity, and intelligence to actually help. If you want to work on life-changing, industry-shaking cases, if you want the weight and privilege of standing before a jury, if you want justice for real people, Arnold & Itkin is the place for you.

At Arnold & Itkin, we do more than just argue cases—we’re in the business of changing lives. We pride ourselves on our tireless dedication and unyielding pursuit of justice, outworking opponents every step of the way. It’s this relentless work ethic that has won us some of the most groundbreaking verdicts and settlements in recent history. Our passion and commitment resonate in every case we take on.

But it’s not just about the hard work.

Creativity, innovation, and strategic acumen are the keys to our success. Unlike many firms that rely heavily on paperwork and out-of-court settlements, we believe in the power of trial advocacy. We value the skills, knowledge, and dedication of trial lawyers, giving them the platform and support to truly make a difference. 

As a part of our team, you’ll be at the forefront of this challenging and rewarding profession, taking on industrial giants, making a tangible difference in people’s lives, and shaping the future of trial law practice.

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Billions Won. Thousands Helped.

History of Our Law Firm

Started by two young lawyers in 2004, our firm has an unprecedented history of courtroom victories. In the last few years, our firm has obtained billions in verdicts and settlements. Whether it is writing the best briefs, taking the most effective depositions, making the most strategic decisions, or simply winning in court, our team has helped improve the lives of thousands of families. In addition to attending some of the most decorated law schools, our lawyers have clerked for federal appellate and district courts and been entrusted by state attorneys general to try cases to verdict. Our staff is the best-of-the-best nationwide. We all work together to achieve great results for people in need.

Work with the Best-of-the-Best

Arnold & Itkin offers the most competitive salaries for trial law firms in the U.S. and provides lawyers and staff the opportunity to earn unmatched bonuses—and we are offering this right now. Just as importantly, you can expect to do work that matters, handling cases that have real consequences for not just your clients, but for entire industries. Finally, you can expect stability. Through economic recession, through lean times of all kinds, our firm has never slowed down. Even during the worst economy our country has seen in a century, our firm did not lay off, furlough, or cut pay for a single lawyer. We actually expanded our operations. Our firm has the vast resources to take care of our team—no matter what.

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