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Victoria Alford


Victoria Alford's Headshot
Victoria Alford's Headshot

Victoria Alford has dedicated her career to protecting the rights of victims. Her aggressive approach and skill in navigating complex legal issues have given clients across the country the strength to stand up against the most powerful corporate giants in the United States and win. Victoria’s practice focuses on catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, business disputes, and maritime and offshore accidents.

“When a client puts their trust in us, we are all in. We know that people only call us when the unimaginable has happened—when they’re terribly injured and being taken advantage of. Our commitment is to protect you, your family, and your future no matter what it takes.”



Victoria Alford joined Arnold & Itkin in 2011 and is a key part of our team. In addition to her litigation work, she spends a significant time working with our newest clients. In fact, she’s usually the first point of contact in new cases. She takes pride in making sure clients get the attention they need and the justice they deserve.

Victoria takes every case personally. She knows our clients deserve the best future. As a result, a majority of our record-setting cases have involved clients who worked with Victoria from the first day they contacted our firm—including a record-setting $87 million settlement for a young man injured during a refinery accident.

When clients turn to Victoria for help, they’re often facing the most difficult moment of their life. Often, they’re still in the hospital when she visits them for the first time. During these moments, Victoria sees how families are suffering. She knows we must win the fight because everything is at stake for clients. The trust each client puts in her is both humbling and inspiring. Honoring that trust is a responsibility she takes very seriously.

By never backing down from a challenge, Victoria has secured million and multi-million dollar recoveries for people injured in work accidents, maritime disasters, and truck accidents. Specifically, she assisted our firm’s partners with some of their largest victories, including a $72 million settlement for a client who was severely injured in an oilfield accident and a $12.6 million settlement on behalf of a worker who lost both of his legs.

When Victoria works with clients, she treats them like family. When the grieving families of victims of the El Faro disaster needed help, Victoria was there. She did everything possible to provide the support they needed. Victoria didn’t just do this because they were clients. She did it because it was the right thing to do.

Throughout her career, Victoria has dedicated herself to the service of others. Prior to joining Arnold & Itkin, she lent her talents and resolve to the public sector. First, she worked for a State Senator. Then, she moved to our nation’s capital to serve on the staff of a United States Congressman. While those experiences were valuable, she felt there was more she could do to have a positive impact on the lives of others. That passion is what drove her to attend law school.

Her time at South Texas College of Law garnered Victoria several awards and accolades, such as the American Jurisprudence Award in Family Law. She also had the privilege of serving as judicial clerk to Harris County’s 234th District Court before ultimately becoming a law clerk for Arnold & Itkin LLP. Following graduation, she continued on as an attorney at our firm.

Victoria’s passion and success haven’t gone unnoticed by the legal community. In recognition of her work with Arnold & Itkin, she has been named one of the “Top 40 under 40” by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Victoria was also selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ list since 2016.

Victoria met and married her husband, Nathan, in law school. Together, they have a young son and daughter. She is extremely active in her community and plays a significant role in assisting the Arnold & Itkin Foundation with its many community service initiatives. For Victoria, helping other people remains the focus of everything she does, no matter what.

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Victoria Alford

“I know that if you choose Arnold & Itkin to represent you, you’ll be in good hands. We will walk you through the process and make it as easy as possible on you and your family, and we will also ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.”
Victoria Alford Attorney
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Our Clients Are More Than Cases

Stories About the Lives That We've Helped

  • “I told him, ‘Kurt you’re my hero. You’re my knight in shining armor.’”
    Mildred Solar Cortes El Faro Widow
    Play Video Mildred Solar Cortes
  • “They're fighting for these little people that can’t handle themselves when a giant comes. Almost like David and Goliath. It’s an amazing thing to see.”
    Shawn Thomas Workplace Explosion Victim
    Play Video Shawn Thomas
  • “I really feel like Arnold & Itkin brought justice to my family. Not only my family but many other families. It was just unreal how tirelessly they worked.”
    Terry Yount Father of Risperdal Victim
    Play Video Terry Yount
  • “They told me they were pretty much going to handle everything, I wasn’t going to have to worry about anything—which they held up to that.”
    Tinisha Thomas El Faro Widow
    Play Video Tinisha Thomas
  • “Sometimes I would think about the level of stress that I had going through this whole thing, and I think about Arnold & Itkin taking on that stress for me. They picked it up and they ran with it. They have allowed me to close that chapter and feel good about it and move forward without looking back with regrets. I feel great.”
    Denver & Jodie Colter Gas Line Explosion Victims
    Play Video Denver & Jodie Colter
  • “Whatever I needed, they gave it to me, they made sure I had it. Just one call and they were there to do it.”
    Desmond Calloway Pipeline Fire Victim
    Play Video Desmond Calloway
  • “This firm has impacted every aspect of my life, past, present, future. They pulled off some miracles. They stood up for me when nobody else would.”
    Christopher Devall Workplace Explosion Victim
    Play Video Christopher Devall
  • “I felt like family because they were there to listen and hear—not just brush you off because 'you're just a client.' They let me know when I met them that everything was going to be all right.”
    Veronica Sowell Workplace Explosion Victim
    Play Video Veronica Sowell
  • “They were very helpful in me evolving through this tragedy, basically. The stress that I was under—they made me feel relaxed. I know that if I called them now and I needed something, they would help me get whatever I needed.”
    Donna Deason
    Play Video Donna Deason

Case Results

Check Out Victoria's Victories

  • $13.8 Million Record-Setting Settlement Reached After 16 Months Arnold & Itkin worked quickly to make sure our client received the compensation he needed after suffering from the negligence of the company he worked for.
  • $13.8 Million Settlement for Contractor with Neck & Back Injuries When our client suffered from neck and back injuries as he tried to escape a plant fire, he turned to Arnold & Itkin for help. We obtained a record-setting settlement to help him receive the financial security that he deserved.
  • $13.8 Million Settlement for Worker Injured During Plant Explosion Our dedication to results for clients helped us earn a significant and record-setting settlement for a client suffering from back injuries caused by a plant explosion.
  • $13.8 Million Settlement for Contractor Injured During Plant Turnaround Our firm held a company accountable for failing to provide the safe environment required for a dangerous turnaround.
  • $13.8 Million Settlement for Injured Refinery Worker Arnold & Itkin took just 16 months to obtain a record settlement on behalf of a refinery worker who sustained serious injuries while on the job.
  • $13.8 Million 8-Figure Settlement for a Contractor Injured in a Plant Fire Arnold & Itkin LLP attorneys secured a $13.8 million settlement for a contractor who was injured while trying to escape a plant fire. He injured his neck and knee while attempting to save himself from an industrial disaster.
  • $12.7 Million Secured for Contractor Injured During Plant Fire Our team fought for the fair settlement our client needed after sustaining serious back and shoulder injuries as he tried to escape from a plant fire.
  • $12.7 Million Plant Explosion Victim Now Taken Care of for Life Arnold & Itkin LLP successfully obtained a $12.7 million settlement for the victim of a plant explosion. His settlement was large enough to set a state record among plaintiffs with similar injuries.
  • $12.7 Million Plant Worker Gets Record-Setting Result for Work Injuries Arnold & Itkin LLP obtained a record-setting eight-figure settlement for our client, who was injured in a plant explosion. His settlement ensures that he and his family are now taken care of for life.
  • $11.7 Million Case Settled for Texas Refinery Worker Arnold & Itkin LLP secured a massive settlement for a worker who was injured in a refinery accident. He sustained a serious injury to his neck as a result. We settled the case within 16 months of his injury.

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