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Product Liability Attorneys

We Tried (and Won) a Case That Led to the Nationwide Recall of a Dangerous Product

When someone buys or uses a product, their expectation is that it will work safely. Unfortunately, poorly designed and manufactured products cause countless people to suffer serious injuries every day. There’s no excuse for a company to sell an unsafe product. If a company releases a product that is dangerous to users—without informing them of the risks of use—people have the right to pursue litigation against those companies. When products cause people to suffer, the top-rated legal team at Arnold & Itkin fights for the financial compensation that they need.

We help people facing product liability issues such as:

When companies fail to test their products, market them without proper warnings in an irresponsible manner, and needlessly fail to prioritize customer safety, we're the firm people call. We’ve secured more than $10 billion for our clients. If you’ve suffered because of an unsafe or defective product, we have the skill, knowledge, and resources to fight for you no matter what.

No Matter How Tough
the Fight.

When companies release unsafe products, they're putting quick profits over consumer safety. They're considering consumer injuries as a business expense: one that can be minimized by company lawyers, bully tactics, and low settlements. That’s where we step in. Companies shouldn’t be allowed to gamble with consumers’ safety, so we make sure they pay a steep price for it. Our clients have recovered billions of dollars with our help, including record-shattering product liability cases. When you're facing the toughest fight of your life, we’re the firm you can trust.

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No Matter What You've
Been Through.

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“I really feel like Arnold & Itkin brought justice to my family. Not only my family but many other families. It was just unreal how tirelessly they worked. Our trial lasted around 10 days. Every night, they were working ‘til way after midnight. There were a couple nights they never even slept. It was just amazing to me and my family.”
Terry Yount Father of Risperdal Victim

When clients call us, they’re experiencing suffering most people can’t imagine. When we hear what happened to them, investigate their claim, and get them any help they need, we form a bond that never goes away. When the dust settles and our clients have the results they need, our team loves hearing them tell other people “they treated us like family.” Our product liability lawyers don’t just seek compensation from large companies. We help regular people rebuild their lives. Every case is personal to us.

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No Matter How Big They Are.

At Arnold & Itkin, we’ve shown time and time again that size doesn’t intimidate us. After Johnson & Johnson marketed a drug for children knowing it could disfigure them, we made them answer for it. Our investigation uncovered they weren't only aware of the drug’s risks, but they actively hid the evidence. The result was an $8 billion verdict against one of the world’s most powerful companies.

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Our Victories
  • $116 Million Confidential Settlement
  • $110 Million Record Settlement for Victims of Defective Products
  • $105 Million Record Settlement for Dangerous Product Victims

No Matter Who You Ask.

We’ve consistently received the legal industry’s highest honors. We’re proud of these accolades and deeply grateful to the clients who put their trust in us.

  • Inner Circle of Advocates
  • Best Lawyers in America
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Top 50 Jury Verdicts
  • Best Law Firms 2020
  • Best Law Firms 2021
  • Best Law Firms 2022
  • Best Law Firms 2023
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No Matter How Big the

  • Kurt Arnold
    “We take the cases we must win because it’s the right thing—the ones we have to win. Even if it’s hard. Especially if it’s hard.
    Kurt Arnold Founding Partner
    Meet Kurt
  • Jason Itkin
    “People call me when something terrible has happened and they need help. It is personal to my clients, so it is personal to me. We have to win—no matter what.”
    Jason Itkin Founding Partner
    Meet Jason

Our team puts in the work
that changes clients' lives.

Product liability cases are complex. They can involve multiple defendants and require thorough investigations for success. We aren't afraid of the work it takes to make sure clients get the results they need. We’re determined to win nothing less than a complete recovery. When the other side sees our name, they know they’re in for a fight.

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No Matter How Big the
News Story.

When a serious product recall hits the news, we’re the firm that people call for help. From dangerous automotive parts to harmful prescription drugs and medical devices, we have the resources, experiences, and relentless determination that product liability cases require. With a history of well-reported and unprecedented victories, we’ve proven that we’re the firm that will do what it takes to get results. No matter what.

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  • CNN
  • Forbes
  • ABC
  • Wall Street Journal
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  • USA Today
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  • NBC News
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No Matter What Questions

No Matter the Situation.

At Arnold & Itkin, our law firm makes a difference in clients’ lives, both inside and outside the courtroom. Large companies shouldn’t get away with negligence simply because they can afford to hire dozens of lawyers. Our team fights for regular people who are facing extraordinary obstacles. For them, we’ll spend months on extensive investigations and preparation. We live for the fight because our clients are counting on us. Whether we’re in negotiations or a courtroom, we give it all we have. No matter what.

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