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Most sports are played using special sports equipment like helmets, masks, and rollerblades. Properly constructed gear is especially important in rough contact sports like football and hockey, and in high adrenaline speed-based sports like skiing, rollerblading, and snowboarding. When sports equipment malfunctions or conceals hidden defects that render it unstable and weak, the resulting injuries can be serious and even fatal.

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Defective Winter Sports Equipment

Winter sports injuries are some of the most damaging, life-altering injuries. Every winter, as people head to ski slopes to snowboard, toboggan, ski and sled, they are exposed to risk. Many of these occur due to inherent design defects and manufacturing flaws in equipment. Manufacturers of winter sports equipment often conveniently blame the training of the sportsman for any accidents, refusing to take responsibility.

Defective Helmets & Masks

Defects in helmets and masks have been the focus of dozens of injury lawsuits, although these were more common in the seventies than they are now. Over the past few decades, the possibility of liability in an accident involving a defective helmet has forced manufacturers to adopt stringent manufacturing and testing processes for their helmets, drastically bringing down the number of injuries associated with these.

However, sportsmen continue to be at risk for punctured / crushed helmets or damage to mask bars.

Head and brain injuries are some of the most long-lasting sports injuries. These are especially common in contact sports like football and hockey where players regularly collide with several hundred pounds of force or crash into hard, unforgiving surfaces. To prevent injuries in sports like these, players must wear football and hockey helmets that are well designed, properly constructed, and sturdy enough to protect a player's head from impact. Catcher's masks have to be especially sturdy to prevent injuries from baseballs traveling at more than 90 miles per hour.

The injuries resulting from defective helmets and masks often have a domino effect, quickly putting other highly sensitive and delicate organs like the brain and spine at risk. Head injuries that result from wearing a defective helmet or face mask can range from concussions to traumatic brain injury. A concussion can result in loss of consciousness and amnesia. If the state of unconsciousness is prolonged, the state of amnesia continues, or a scan reveals abnormalities, the person may need immediate treatment to ensure that no long term damage is sustained.

Defective Paintball Guns

Paintball is a seemingly harmless sport that entertains many on a daily basis, but in fact you could be seriously injured or even killed as a result of a defective paintball gun. Often, paintball guns are recalled because of improper discharge. In 2008, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, over 20,000 people were injured because of air and paintball guns. Although safety measures have improved the sport since it first became popular, many older guns and equipment are still used. Even new guns still pose a serious safety threat.

Manufacturers of paintball equipment are aware of the potential danger that can be caused by a defect in the valve-and-cylinder combination of the gun, but there is improper safety awareness among paintball users. There have been documented cases of people dying after being struck by the gun's carbon-dioxide-filled cylinder after the valve becomes unintentionally detached. National Paintball Supply, and consequently its successor KEE Action Sports, are now obligated to more publicly warn about the possible danger of defective paintball valves.

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