English Riding Helmet Recall

Injured in an Equestrian Accident? The Helmet Might Be to Blame.

In February 2023, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall for Ovation Protégé (OV) riding helmets manufactured by English Riding Supply (ERS). The recall affects more than 49,000 helmets that were made between December 2020 and December 2022; the core issue with these helmets, per the CPSC, is that they don’t meet impact standards, which means they don’t provide adequate protection.

If you or a loved one suffered a head injury while wearing an OV helmet from ERS, the equestrian supply company may be directly responsible for all losses incurred by the accident.

But to recover those losses, you’ll need to compel ERS to compensate you for past and future medical costs, lost wages, lost earning potential, and many other common effects of a severe head injury. Our defective product lawyers are investigating ERS for its failure to warn consumers for two years that their helmets weren’t capable of protecting them from a riding accident. Our goal is to ensure every victim receives restitution for the harm ERS caused. If there’s even a chance your accident is related to the Ovation Protégé recall, you owe it to yourself to know for sure.

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How Do I Know If My ERS Helmet Was Recalled?

There are two signs to look for: one, your helmet has the “OV” logo on the front, and two, the inside of the helmet has an SEI certification with “ASTMF 1163–15” underneath it. The date of manufacture will also be on the same label. If the date falls between December 2020 and December 2022, your helmet has been affected by the recall.

The Doctor Didn’t Say Anything About the Helmet After the Accident

If you fell or were thrown from a horse, your doctor would not be legally compelled to investigate the cause of injury beyond that. Professionally, a doctor in these types of cases has one responsibility: make sure the accident victim survives. They rightfully wouldn’t be concerned or necessarily even notice if the helmet was crushed or destroyed in a way that indicated a product defect.

The Long-Term Implications of Head Injuries

Head injuries are among the most life-threatening injuries. A recent study found any head injury, even seemingly minor ones, increased mortality rate by 50%. The relationship between head injuries and lowered cognitive function, mood regulation, and memory retention all might even be linked to higher risk of dementia later in life. In short, a head injury is a life-changing event. It has financial, psychological, and social implications extending long after someone has "healed" from their accident. That’s why it’s important for victims of ERS’ defective product to seek compensation while they can, so they have the resources they need when the long-term effects of brain damage appear down the road. Most states, including Texas, give people two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit. If you want to fight for your future, you’ll need to get started today. The first step is a legal consultation, which we offer for free!

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It’s rarer and rarer these days for injury lawyers to have real trial experience. The litigation pipeline often incentivizes settlement to help speed up the legal system, which is overall a good thing; it becomes a problem when plaintiffs’ attorneys start taking cases intending to settle from the start. That’s a losing position—it gives insurance companies all the leverage and robs innocent people of the care they need. Instead, our firm takes every case intending to go to trial, no matter what. As a consequence, our case history has two types of results: record-breaking settlements from companies who didn’t want to face us in court, and record-breaking verdicts from companies who tried. In just the last few years, our firm has recovered billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements, changing our clients’ lives forever.

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