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Cement trucks are immense, top-heavy vehicles with large drums that mix and carry concrete. Sharp blades and constant rotation keep the cement in the drum from hardening as the truck transports it to its final location. A single cement truck can carry about 40,000 pounds of concrete.

Sharing the road with a cement truck can be unsettling. For some people, it can be dangerous or even deadly.

An unsafe lane change, equipment malfunction, or roadway hazard could lead to a catastrophic collision that leaves you and your loved ones with life-altering injuries. At Arnold & Itkin, we’re here to help if you or someone you love has been injured in a cement truck accident. Our Houston truck accident lawyers fight for clients in Texas and across the nation, and we have an impressive track record in handling complex trucking collision claims. Let us fight for the best possible! Give us a call at (888) 493-1629 to find out how we can help you.

Abogados de accidentes de camiones en Houston

What Is a Cement Mixer?

Cement mixers are large trucks that transport wet cement to where its needed. They help construction crews by keeping large amounts of cement ready to use and mix it to prevent hardening.

The part that holds the concrete is called a drum, which rotates while the truck is in motion. These trucks also come equipped with pumps and hoses if cement needs to be poured at the job site. Tractor trailers may also be outfitted with mixers on the trailer portion rather than manufactured with a drum. Because concrete mixers are so large and cement can't stay pliable for long, they don't typically travel fast or far.

Due to the large size of cement trucks, many jurisdictions have mandated they drive slower than other commercial trucks. Each state has varying regulations for how fast commercial vehicles can drive on highways, interstates, and rural roads. When drivers ignore these regulations or engage in other dangerous driving habits, serious accidents can occur. Victims of these accidents should seek counsel right away.

Cement Truck Accidents: Roadway & Construction Site Dangers

If these trucks are involved in collisions while traveling on highways or other roads, all other motor vehicles on the road at the time are in great danger. If these trucks overturn, not only does cement spill all over the road—making cleanup difficult—but these accidents are now more likely to result in life-altering injuries or fatalities.

Due to accidents such as these, construction workers have one of the most difficult occupations in the entire nation. They face risks from cranes and falling objects; on top of this, they are at additional risk for injury when in close proximity to concrete trucks. Similar accidents happen with garbage and dump trucks. When workers step out of the vehicle in order to help pour the cement, they can be injured if the truck was not put into park or if the emergency break was not in position.

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable

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Potential Causes of Cement Mixer Crashes

Most traffic accidents are caused by driver negligence or wrongdoing. Cement truck accidents are no exception. All it takes is a split second for a driver to lose control of a vehicle because he’s distracted, she’s under the influence of alcohol, or he simply does not check for another vehicle before changing lanes. There is no excuse for negligence on the road, and those who are responsible for causing collisions should be held accountable.

We take on cases involving Houston cement truck collisions caused by:

  • Fatigued truck drivers
  • Poorly maintained cement trucks
  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Hazardous roadways
  • Defective concrete mixers
  • Texting while driving
  • Heavy weather

No matter the cause of your accident, you can count on our knowledgeable assessment to inform you of your rights and options. We’re passionate about helping cement truck accident victims get the medical care and financial support they need—and deserve.

An experienced cement truck accident attorney can make sure your interests are protected and that the blame of the accident does not wrongly fall on your shoulders.

Reclaim Your Future with Arnold & Itkin

When trucking companies cut corners, when drivers are careless or inexperienced, or when manufacturers release defective truck products, our team at Arnold & Itkin is there to see justice served. We know that there is no one more qualified to stand up for your rights because we have the resources and experience to take on any opponent. This shows in our past victories, which include billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for the injured.

You can reclaim your future. Our Houston cement truck accident attorneys are standing by to investigate your collision and build a compelling case that identifies the at-fault party and offers you the opportunity to recover maximum compensation for every loss and injury you have experienced.

You shouldn’t have to deal with the aftermath of a cement truck accident on your own. Contact our Houston office today for a free review of your case.

Common Questions

  • What Injuries Can Be Caused by Cement Truck Accidents?

    A person who is involved in a cement truck accident–whether the driver of the truck or an occupant of another vehicle–may experience life-altering injuries. These may include whiplashspinal cord injuriessevere burns, internal organ damage, head trauma, lacerations, broken bones, and more. The extent of these injuries will depend on whether the victim was driving the cement truck (truck operators are less likely to experience catastrophic trauma), was driving another vehicle, or was a cyclist or pedestrian. The location and force of impact will also influence what injuries are suffered.

  • How Much Does a Cement Truck Weigh?

    An empty cement truck may weigh about 26,000 pounds. These trucks can carry about 40,000 pounds of concrete, however, bringing their total weight to about 66,000 pounds. These vehicles are also very large, with a distance between the front and rear axles of about 20 feet. When you think about the sheer size and weight of a concrete mixer, it’s easy to see why a collision with such a truck can cause significant property damage and devastating injuries.

  • What Should I Do Immediately After a Houston Cement Truck Collision?

    If you were involved in a crash with a cement truck in the Houston area, be sure to exchange information with the other driver or drivers and seek medical attention. It’s against the law to leave the scene of an accident (even one you did not cause) without exchanging information with the other driver. You will need to see a doctor as soon as possible, even if you feel you are not seriously injured. Tell your doctor you were involved in a truck accident and he or she will know what type of injuries to look for–some of which may not be immediately apparent, like whiplash. Once you’ve seen a doctor, talk to an attorney. You may be contacted by the cement truck company’s insurance carrier or asked to give a statement to your own insurance company. Be careful. If you accept a settlement without an attorney’s help, you could end up receiving far less compensation than you actually need.
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