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If you were injured in an accident with a tow truck in the Houston area, you probably have a lot of questions. Will the truck driver or tow company pay for your medical bills? What about damage to your vehicle? What should you do next? You may be facing all these unknown factors on top of dealing with serious injuries that are preventing you from working and earning money. Our Houston trucking accident firm has the answers you need. At Arnold & Itkin, we believe in helping people whose lives have been upended because of trucking companies who care more about profits than safety. We have won billions of dollars for our clients, helping them get the financial support and medical treatment they need to put the pieces of their lives back together after serious trucking accidents.

Our top-rated Houston tow truck accident attorneys are there to turn things around after a serious, life-changing collision. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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What Is the Purpose of a Tow Truck?

No matter whether you call them wreckers, breakdown trucks, or recovery trucks, the purpose of a tow truck is to transport vehicles after they have broken down or are no longer able to be drive. Typically, these are the trucks that you call after an accident so that your car can be taken to a repair shop. AAA is a good example of a company that operates tow trucks as a part of their services as an emergency road service.

The 5 Major Components of a Tow Truck

  • The Flatbed: The section that carries other vehicles.
  • Hooks & Chains: Flatbed attachments that ensure cars do not come loose while being carried.
  • Wheel Lifts: These lift the vehicles off of the ground so cars cannot shift position.
  • Booms: Attachments used for the purpose of recovering trapped vehicles.

Dangers of an Improperly Loaded Vehicle

What can sometimes happen when these vehicles are not loaded properly is that cars will shift while in operation. If a car shifts while the tow truck is moving, it not only poses a risk to the driver but all other drivers on the road.

Protecting Your Rights After a Tow Truck Crash

Tow trucks are used to move disabled or improperly parked vehicles. To accomplish this, they sometimes need to block traffic or maneuver into difficult areas. Tow trucks are not easy to drive, particularly when they’re towing.

Tow truck accidents happen when:

  • Drivers are tired or overworked
  • Towing equipment is defective or improperly maintained
  • Vehicles are not properly secured to the tow truck
  • Towing companies demand long hours or deny breaks
  • Tow truck drivers are inexperienced or careless
  • Drivers are drunk or under the influence of drugs

You have the right to hold at-fault parties accountable if you were injured in a tow truck accident. Serving Houston and all of Texas and the U.S., our team at Arnold & Itkin is ready to protect your rights. We handle personal injury, wrongful death, and workers’ compensation claims for victims who have been catastrophically injured or killed in collisions with tow trucks and other large commercial vehicles.

Holding Tow Truck Companies Accountable

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GPS & Vehicle Location Technology

GPS capability has become the standard for tow trucks. GPS technology helps drivers decrease their possibility of an accident after getting lost, as well as navigate the quickest possible route. Some companies even have what is known as "automatic vehicle location" (AVL) which are operated by the tow truck dispatch center. A call will come into the dispatch center asking for a tow truck, and then the AVL will be used to find the closest available tow truck. These GPS technologies have a double purpose. While they are used so that the drivers can navigate to their destinations, they are also used by the trucking companies to monitor their drivers. Some companies have utilized this technology to see if their drivers are speeding or practicing other forms of reckless driving.

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If you’re ready to talk to an attorney about how you can seek justice after a Houston tow truck accident, we’re standing by to help. At Arnold & Itkin, your initial consultation is free and confidential. You also pay no upfront costs or and pay no legal fees at all unless we win your case. We’ll take care of everything, so you don’t have to.

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Common Questions

  • What Is a Tow Truck Accident Claim Worth?

    A fair settlement or award for a tow truck accident claim should include compensation for every loss or injury you’ve experienced. It should cover all expenses associated with your injuries, now and into the future. It should also address the emotional trauma that you’re dealing with as a result of your accident and resulting injuries. Your claim may include compensation for: medical care; ongoing treatment; medical supplies; medication; lost income; loss of future earnings; emotional trauma; and punitive damages. Our team will determine the value of your claim based on the impact that the tow truck accident has had.

  • How Do You Investigate Tow Truck Accidents in the Houston Area?

    A truck accident investigation typically includes an analysis of physical evidence through photographs and the scene, witness interviews, and a review of police reports and all other applicable documentation. We will also analyze driving and maintenance logs. Our firm works with investigators, expert witnesses, and accident reconstruction specialists to develop strong cases that prove fault and help our clients get fair recoveries.

  • I Don’t Have Money for an Attorney. How Can I Move Forward?

    You don’t have to worry about upfront costs and legal fees when you work with our Houston tow truck accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin. We handle these cases on contingency, which means we only get paid if you do. If we take on your case, we will handle everything, so you don’t have to worry and can simply focus on healing.

  • Are Employers Responsible for Tow Truck Drivers?

    Before making any hiring decisions, trucking companies will look at a driver’s history and criminal record. Drivers must all be insured on a company policy; drivers with poor records are not only more difficult to insure, but they also pose a serious liability. For this reason, those with DUIs and other criminal charges on their records may not be hired. In the event that an individual with a poor driving history does get hired by a tow truck company, and then gets in an accident, it may be the liability of the trucking company for negligent hiring practices.
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