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Truck accidents are extremely common. In fact, the Department of Transportation estimates more than 500,000 truck accidents take place every year and nearly 5,000 people are killed in those accidents. The ones who suffer though are not the truck drivers, 98% of the time it is the drivers of other vehicles who are injured or killed.

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What Is a Box Truck?

Box trucks are often used as moving vans and have a roll-up door in the rear. In the U.S., box trucks have different sizes and types, ranging from Class 3 to Class 7—or, in other words, 12,500 to 33,000 lb. Box trucks are unique because of the nature of their use. Since they're often used for one-off needs, they don't require a commercial license to operate. As a result, many box truck accidents are caused by inexperienced drivers who are more accustomed to operating smaller vehicles.

Some common types of accidents box trucks are involved in:

  • Rollover Accidents 
    In a rollover, the box truck tips onto its side or roof. Often box truck drivers don't have enough experience to drive the truck safely, as is the case with renting a U-Haul box truck. Taking a turn at too fast a speed often results in a rollover.
  • Accidents Caused by Blind Spots 
    A blind spot is the area the driver cannot see while inside a vehicle. It is difficult for box truck drivers to see in their rear quarter behind the truck, and often change lanes without knowing they are coming close to hitting another vehicle.

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable

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Delivery Truck Accidents

Because delivery truck drivers are put under pressure by their employers to stay on route and make deliveries on a scheduled routine, they can be prone to causing serious accidents. Afraid to fall behind on their deliveries, some drivers may drive past the legal hours-of-service and put other people on the road at risk. Truck driver fatigue plays a large role in many delivery truck accidents; in these cases, all it may take to prevent a possible fatality is to obey the law and stop driving when tired.

Another danger in relation to delivery trucks includes the locations in which many of them travel.

Since these trucks must make many local deliveries, they often travel on congested highways and roadways, increasing the potential risk for truck accidents involving passenger vehicles. Whether the accident that you were involved in was caused by a reckless, drunk, tired or, otherwise negligent driver, you have rights to seek fair compensation.

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If you've sustained injuries because of a box truck, you deserve answers. Renters of box trucks and the companies that provide the vehicles to them are responsible for making sure they're safe. Likewise, delivery drivers and their companies are obligated, both ethically and legally—to do their job safe. When companies fail to hire safe box truck drivers, they should be held accountable for cutting corners with safety for profits.

At Arnold & Itkin, our team of experienced Houston truck accident lawyers knows what it takes to get results for clients. We know the financial strain that people who come to us are facing, and we always fight to make sure that burden is lifted from their shoulders. We've fought to recover losses such as lost wages, medical debt, cost of future care, and so much more for clients. Call us today to discover what your options are.

We're standing by to take your call at (888) 493-1629. Importantly, an initial consultation is free and our box truck accident law firm only collects a payment if it gets results for you.

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